The dream of the good doctor Alexey from Krasnodar will come true in the new episode of the charity quiz “More expensive than money” on TV-3 :: News

Photo: TV-3 channel

This Friday, October 6, at 19:00, the TV-3 channel will air a new episode of the kindest quiz “More expensive than money” with host Anna Khilkevich. The heroes of this project can win 1 million rubles and use it not for themselves, but for those who are dear to them.

“More Than Money” is an unusual intellectual show where players strive to win a prize for their loved ones and friends who truly deserve it. The project is focused on kindness, which should return to caring and merciful people like a boomerang.

In special reports, correspondents will observe the heroes of the episodes for whom the prize is being drawn, and will try to discreetly show viewers their good deeds. At the end of the program, the film crew will reveal a secret to unsuspecting people: their loved ones will tell their amazing stories on air on the federal channel and win them a serious amount in gratitude for their great deeds!

The new issue of the project “More expensive than money” will be dedicated to Alexey Zavalsky, a resuscitator from the Krasnodar region. Alexey has been saving children’s lives for many years and often becomes so deeply immersed in it that he forgets about the world around him. The doctor believes that his profession is not just a way to make money. According to Alexei, this is a path that once you take, you will never turn back, because the choice was made with your heart.

Dmitry Pashin, Alexey’s friend: “I often see how he helps people absolutely free of charge, outside of working hours. People whose children are sick turn to him, and Alexey always provides help.”

Alexey Zavalsky often has to help seriously ill children whose treatment other doctors have refused. But this never frightened the good doctor from Krasnodar: he is ready to work hard to save all his patients.

Alexey sometimes, like a real superhero, flies to sick children in a yellow helicopter, because he receives calls not only from Krasnodar, but also from all over the region.

Ekaterina Zavalskaya, resident doctor, Alexei’s wife: “My husband is the most magical person. When people are given a helping hand, they become happy. Now Alexey is this helping hand for everyone.

He is an incredibly talented person with a big soul. Alexey came up with the idea of ​​painting and exhibiting them at an impromptu auction. He decided to donate all the proceeds to the parents of sick children, because many children need further rehabilitation, and funds are needed for this.”

Such energy-intensive, hard and important work always requires good rest to recuperate. Alexey has been dreaming of going on a trip to Russia with his family for many years, but so far he has not been given such an opportunity.

Alexey Zavalsky’s relatives decided to try their luck and come to the project to fulfill the dream of a brilliant doctor. But will they be able to win the entire amount – watch the show “More Than Money” this Friday, October 6, at 19:00 on the TV-3 channel!


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