The Golden Scorpion clarified why he did not ask Piqué about Shakira

Piqué knew "divert" the Scorpion's hints about Shakira (Photo: YouTube)
Piqué knew how to “deflect” the Scorpion’s hints about Shakira (Photo: YouTube)

A few hours ago, Alex Montiel, better known as The Golden Scorpionuploaded a new video to his YouTube channel in the company of Gerard Piquéformer partner of Shakira. The clip immediately went viral and was placed at the top of trends on the platform.

During the meeting between the former soccer player and the comedian, Shakira appeared in the form of hints when it was time to play some music. Piqué himself asked the driver to liven up the trip with the most recent collaboration between Featherweight and Bizarrap.

“I don’t know, give me, now that Featherweight has become very fashionable, give me some style that is popular in Mexico, Featherweight with Bizarrap,” asked the former soccer player. After this, the Golden Scorpion asked him: “Any other one from Bizarrap or did you already leave it like that?” Of course, Piqué refused: “No, leave it like this”.

Of course, fans of the comedian were disappointed by the interview, as they admitted that they expected a little more statements from the former soccer player about his breakup with Shakira, as well as a much more acidic Golden Scorpion in his questions.

The footballer said he is enjoying his retirement greatly Credit: YouTube @ PelucheEnElEstuche

The Golden Scorpion had a video call interview with Gustavo Adolfo Infante and the team First hand, where he revealed details about his video with Gerard Piqué. In addition, he clarified the reason why he decided not to ask anything about the Colombian.

Alex Montiel confirmed that the interview was done a few weeks ago, in Barcelona, ​​and that it was a very enjoyable moment in the company of Piqué. In response to Gustavo Adolfo Infante’s direct question about his reasons for not addressing the issue of the interpreter of The bossthe comedian responded:

“No, let’s see, what you see, you don’t ask, I think it is a very overused topic. The only one who has opened the topic as such is Shakira. I hammered because it has remained level there, and you know that among my priorities when kids are involved there, I try not to trample there, but in any case there were a couple of winks to the Hips do not lie”.

Likewise, the brother of Werevertumorro He joked about Piqué’s musical request: “We put the Bizarrap song there, I don’t know why he asked for the Featherweight song if it has so many songs.”

“Okay, we talked about soccer and we talked about what he is going to do in Mexico. “You are surely making your mouths water and you are licking your mustaches because Piqué will surely be very present in the coming months in Mexico,” said the “King of the Internet.”

Shakira has dedicated more than one song to her former MTV/Instagram credit
Shakira has dedicated more than one song to her former MTV/Instagram credit

Recently, the former soccer player was harshly questioned for, supposedly, not wanting to spend enough time with Milan and Sasha, children he shares with Shakira. Regarding this situation, El Escorpión Dorado told his impressions of the footballer to Gustavo Adolfo Infante and the team. First hand:

“I was able to get into that agenda so that he would give me an hour of his time, but in reality what he wanted was to finish and go with his kids. What I noticed is that he is professional and he loves taking care of his family, at least the concept of family that it currently has (…) It makes me laugh how they are speculating without knowing the context. I saw him as very aware of the schedule.”

The controversies between Shakira and her ex continue to give people something to talk about. Recently, the Colombian attacked Piqué again by mentioning her father in the lyrics of her most recent single: The boss, in collaboration with Fuerza Regida.

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