The occupiers announce an increase in the volume of transportation of construction materials and stolen grain through the Mariupol seaport

Russian media write about this with reference to the Gauleiter of Mariupol Oleg Morgun.

Morgun said that a significant part of the construction materials is delivered to the occupied territory by sea. Agricultural products are being shipped at the port. But he announced an increase in cargo volumes.

“It is planned to increase monthly transshipment to 50 thousand tons in the near future,” Morgun said.

The occupation “Ministry of Transport” of Donbass reported that since the beginning of 2023, more than 74 thousand tons of products have passed through the seaport of Mariupol. However, the adviser to the legal mayor of Mariupol, Pyotr Andryushchenko, questions such indicators of the occupiers.

Sounds big until you start counting. The only class of ships entering the port is RM 3 (river-sea) with a maximum load of 5 thousand tons. In fact, the average load is 3.5 thousand tons. We calculate 85 thousand tons/3.5 thousand tons = 24 ships. Considering that the cargo turnover is considered to be the voyage to and from the port, then 12 ships leave. That is, in just 9 months of 2023, a maximum of 12 ships passed through the port. 12 ships are in no way capable of achieving a big port victory,” writes Andryushchenko in his telegram channel.

  • TsZhR reported that the occupiers are delivering construction materials to the Zaporozhye section of the front from the port of Mariupol, to which timber and reinforced concrete elements are regularly delivered by sea from Russia.
  • Exported by sea through the ports of Berdyansk and Mariupol stolen Ukrainian grain and metal.
  • Also a port in temporarily occupied Mariupol use as a military base – a Russian warship and four attack helicopters of the invaders were seen there.
  • As reported, July 1, 2023 Russia formed the Azov naval region as part of the Black Sea Fleet. Its headquarters is located in occupied Mariupol.

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