The State Duma proposed paying newlyweds 10 thousand rubles

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Some initiatives of deputies cause nothing but surprise. Yes, to the State Duma contribute a bill on a one-time payment to newlyweds is being considered. It would seem that this could be a good gesture of support for young families from the state, but they want to reward spouses with an amount of 10 thousand rubles. Obviously not enough for a honeymoon.

The proposal was made by the LDPR faction. According to the project, in order to receive money you must be under 35 years old, your marriage must be registered for the first time and no more than a year ago. In addition, permanent registration is required. Then you can submit an application to the social security authorities. The LDPR noted that the implementation of the document will cost 2 billion rubles a year – this is less than 0.1% of the expenditure portion of the draft budget.

“Many people are delaying, waiting for something – this will be a small, but extra reason to sign. And the money can be spent on buying a suit for the groom or a dress for the bride, adding it to the celebration budget or buying a gift for yourself for the wedding, or spending it on state fees associated with marriage, in the end,” says MP Kaplan Panesh. He probably didn’t look into wedding salons.

In general, this is not the first time that LDPR deputies have made such proposals, but previous initiatives were more generous. For example, this spring they developed a project that involves issuing certificates to young families to buy a car. Young families under 30 with a child could take advantage of this option.

As for one-time payments, the project is only being submitted to the State Duma. There is no initiative in the government supportedpointing out that it does not provide budgetary cost estimates.

Let us recall that at the end of last week the government submitted to the State Duma a draft three-year budget for 2024–2026. “Social policy”, although it is the second largest (after National Defense) area of ​​budget expenditures, the share allocated to it – 21.1% of all expenditures – is the lowest since at least 2011, writes RBC.

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