The Supreme Shaman of Russia flew from Tuva to Moscow for four days to receive patients

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The demand for esotericism is not falling – according to data Marketplace sales of literature based on Tarot cards increased by 36% in 2023, and books of a mystical nature, as publishers say, began to be bought more willingly than the same psychology. Now it has become known about the arrival of the supreme shaman of Russia, Kara-ool Tyulushevich, in Moscow.

Yes, in Russia there is a supreme shaman, if you didn’t know. He was elected at the All-Russian Congress of Shamans in 2018 in the capital of Tuva, Kyzyl. Kara-ool Dopchun-ool came to Moscow to receive suffering patients.

“These will be individual appointments by appointment: he spends 15 minutes on someone, but if the patient is severe, he can spend an hour or an hour and a half, especially with children. But he still accepts everyone registered for that day,” told “RIA” representative of the shaman Anastasia Tarasova. They plan to receive up to 50 people per day.

Apparently, the idea to hold consultations in Moscow arose after success on the federal channel – a year ago Andrei Malakhov invited the shaman to appear on his program. By the way, the presenter was also subjected to magical therapy – the shaman scratched his head with a bear claw.

By the way, today there was news that deputy Vitaly Milonov trains a bill completely banning fortune tellers and psychics. He also proposes to ban advertising of alternative medicine services and even remove horoscopes from newspapers.

Ilya Naimushin/RIA Novosti


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