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About the qualities that unite native Muscovites, about the impossibility of visiting all districts of Moscow, and about his new album.

I was born…

In Moscow and I will be happy to tell you about my hometown.

Now I live…

In Moscow, because I was born here, studied, grew up.

For me, Moscow is not a city with endless opportunities to which you need to move to achieve success, earn money and lose your soul.

For me, Moscow is a city with history, memories, feelings, pain, love, hope. This is a city like any other.

The image of Moscow has largely changed due to people who moved here and were unable to discern the soulfulness of the city. Largely because of this, ideas about Moscow as a difficult, immoral and callous city are broadcast in society.

Of course, in Moscow I saw a lot of bad things, but there were thousands of times more good.

I love walking in Moscow…

Lately, I have been able to walk around my beloved Moscow less and less often.

But when I was younger, I really loved walking around the squares on Sokol. I love the Pokrovskoye-Streshnevo park, it is very picturesque and gets better every year.

As I grew older, I fell in love with the city center: Trubnaya, Chistye Prudy, old Kitay-Gorod, when there were no eternal parties on these streets.

Today it is still wonderful there, but life is already in full swing, which distracts from the real beauty. Perhaps I’m romanticizing my nostalgic memories, but besides me, hundreds of my friends see romance in those places, so I’m sure that it really was cool, beautiful and romantic.
And I almost forgot about the stunning Serebryany Bor.

My favorite area in Moscow…

There are several of them, I will highlight:

– North-West district. Again, childhood, memories, first love, first problems, etc.;

– Falcon. Because I grew up there, it’s an amazing area (Airport, Dynamo, Belorusskaya). From time to time I manage to go out, ride a scooter there and fall in love with these places again;

— the center of Moscow (except for traffic jams).

My least favorite area…

Unfortunately, I am not familiar with all the districts of Moscow, since it is being built very quickly. I literally remember when I worked at a construction site near the Zhulebino metro station. It had just opened then, but now it is far from being the final station. The situation is similar with the Rechnoy Vokzal station. Right now I opened the current metro map and saw a huge number of new lines and stations. I don’t even understand what it is or where it comes from.

I haven’t been to all the districts of Moscow, but even among the outskirts of 2015 I can’t name my least favorite district. I’m sure everything is fine with them now.

In restaurants…

For me, meals are an important part of life. I love it when everyone sits down at the table together and eats well, they say it’s very nice. I don’t like to eat quickly. I always want to eat normally, in good company or with my family at home. I prefer Asian or Oriental cuisine. I can’t single out a specific restaurant, although I know a lot of great ones.

A place in Moscow that I keep going to, but just can’t get there…

It seems to me that you have such a place, everyone has it. And everyone has their own, individual and changes every day. Today you need to go to one place, tomorrow to another. And every time you can’t get there. This is all of Moscow.

The main difference between Muscovites and residents of other cities…

You need to understand who exactly is a Muscovite. Who can be considered this?

When I was little, I met native Muscovites: grandfathers, grandmothers, parents of classmates. They were united by seriousness, busyness, they always had a plan according to which they acted. They were very erudite and educated people.

Just recently I completed my first solo tour of Russian cities and I want to say that many cities are no worse than the capital. They are also full of life, a large number of cool restaurants, and many leisure options. I really want to go on a tour of the Far East and South. I want to visit every city, see each of my listeners, eat local cuisine, chat, and see the sights. Each city is cool in its own way, each has charm and charm.

In Moscow over the last decade things have changed…

Moscow has become very big: metro stations are being built, infrastructure is developing. There have always been traffic jams, so nothing has changed in this regard. Scooters have appeared; they are fantastically convenient to use in the center when you need to get to the desired point quickly, without traffic jams.

Due to regular trips to St. Petersburg, I cannot help but mention the Sapsan – incredibly convenient transport.

I think these are the most important and basic points. The only pity is that I didn’t see the amusement park at VDNKh; they say it was a lot of fun there.

I want to change in Moscow…

I want people from other cities to understand that Moscow also has a soul. Yes, this is a city that people come to all the time. But they also often leave it. This all creates a lot of traffic. The main concerns are money, unfulfilled hopes and dreams, it’s sad. But with all this, Moscow is a very cool city that has helped many destinies, so I want people to just know about it. So that they love the capital as their hometown, and treat parks, streets, benches, houses and courtyards with all respect.

I miss Moscow…

I’m missing everything I listed in the previous question. Otherwise, everything is cool, everything is there. Do you want to order food at three in the morning? No problem – order. Do you want to get somewhere comfortably? Please go. Do you want to take a walk safely? Please take a walk.

If not Moscow, then…

Then, most likely, it would be the south. Quiet and peaceful life on the shore. But honestly, I’m still too young to consider anything else. Closer to retirement I will definitely return to this issue.

You can find me most often outside of work and at home…

Most likely, nowhere. Or in a car in a traffic jam.


They have a tendency not to come true. Therefore, I will talk about the projects.

The first is my album. All tracks are very strong, incredibly technical. Head and shoulders above my previous ones. I have grown a lot, I see my own progress. Yandex Music recently announced the results of the summer on the service, where I received three nominations at once: I became the most popular among audiences under 25, was among the top 3 artists of the season, and our track with Heronwater “Let me see” was listened to seven times. Next time, I think I’ll take all the nominations at once.

Now I’m preparing cool videos, visuals, promos, I want to surprise people, work on music, consolidate my status, become bigger and higher and then give a very cool solo concert in my beloved Moscow.

Work is also underway on a second release. I don’t want to reveal all my cards and talk about who he’s with, but this is a bright job.

Photo: personal archive of Bushido Zho

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