Weather in Taganrog October 4: sunny Wednesday

Today, October 4, Taganrog is promised good autumn weather. It will be a little cloudy, no precipitation, slightly cool. During the day the air temperature is +18°…+20°. Humidity – 48%. Partly cloudy in the evening and at night. The mercury column of the thermometer will remain within the range of +13°…+14°. Tomorrow afternoon the sky will slowly begin to become cloudy and there may be some light rain at night.

According to the regional Hydrometeorological Center, during the day the air temperature is +18°…+20° (feels like +17°). Wind southwest, 2 meters per second.

Partly cloudy in the evening and at night, no precipitation. Humidity is high – 81%. Air temperature +13°…+14° (will feel like +11°). West wind, 3 meters per second. Atmospheric pressure during the day will be 763-764 millimeters of mercury.

According to the Yandex. Weather”, the magnetic field is calm, UV index 3 (medium). The water in Taganrog Bay will warm up to +18°. Daylight hours are 11 hours 34 minutes, the moon is waning.

Photo by Sergei Plishenko

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