What pension supplements will Ukrainian pensioners receive in October?

Pensioners from among the IDPs, whose pension files take into account pensions unpaid for previous periods, will receive an additional payment of 2,093 UAH in October (the cost of living for persons who have lost their ability to work).

Let us remind you that in September, displaced pensioners already received 2,093 UAH.

Also in October they will receive additional payments pensioners located in the front-line zone. The pension supplement for Ukrainians will be provided by the UN and can be received by pensioners who meet the following criteria:

  • – they are internally displaced persons living in areas of active or potential hostilities;
  • — whose pension payment is less than 3,000 hryvnia per month;
  • — who have not received additional cash payments from international organizations since 03/01/2023.

The amount of additional cash assistance is determined as the difference between UAH 3,000 and the pension payment, but cannot be less than UAH 100. For example, if a pensioner receives, for example, a pension of 2,400 hryvnia, then he will be paid an additional 600 hryvnia.

An application for assistance can be filled out on the eDohelp information platform.

Anyone who has not received payments by Independence Day 2023 can receive them in October

Ukrainian pensioners who belong to certain categories (war veterans, family members of deceased Defenders and Defenders of Ukraine and war veterans who acquired the corresponding status before August 24 of the current year inclusive), and who did not receive a cash payment by the Independence Day of Ukraine, can receive it until November 1 of this year.

Cash assistance for Independence Day is paid upon personal appeal to:

  • — territorial bodies of the Pension Fund at the declared place of residence;
  • — Center for the provision of administrative services with the provision of the appropriate identification and information about the current account opened with an authorized bank.
  • In Ukraine, from January 1, 2024, the maximum pension will increase to UAH 23,610, which is UAH 2,680 more than in 2023. This is due to the increase living wage.

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