A sector of the Rosario Criminal Investigation Agency caught fire

The fire reached several of the hijacked vehicles and a part of the offices (Twitter @_charlycardozo)

During the night of Wednesday, they reported a fire that started in the building of the Criminal Investigation Agency (AIC) of rosary beads. Apparently, the fire would have started accidentally, because it would have originated on the beach where the hijacked vehicles were parked.

The flames began around 8:30 p.m. on the playgrounds of the police station located in Las Heras at 4900, in the southern area of ​​the city of Santa Fe, where a warehouse is located that extends to Ayacucho Street. While the authorities will work to try to establish the causes behind the incident, local media reported that the investigators’ first hypothesis is that it was not intentionally caused.

According to what was reported by the newspaper The capital The fire was caused by an electrical fault in the motorcycle area. Although this information was not confirmed by the authorities, it is the first data that emerged after the fire.

Shortly after, the Firefighters Sappers They went to the scene to control the fire that would have affected several of the motorcycles that were kept in the building, because they had been seized to be examined in different cases. The work lasted approximately an hour, as it reached the sector where the offices are located.

According to information obtained by the newspaper In the Capital, a neighbor reported that explosions were heard at the moment the fire began to spread, because the flames would have reached the fuel tanks of some of the stored vehicles.

The fire was controlled by two troops from the Sapper Firefighters (Video capture)
The fire was controlled by two troops from the Sapper Firefighters (Video capture)

However, the man evaluated that “the fire took part of the motorcycles and a part of the building, if it had caught the cars it would have been a disaster”, and then highlighted that “the firefighters arrived very quickly”, in reference to the fact that they showed up Twenty minutes after when it was reported, the emergency services were notified.

The fire occurred almost a month after a police officer who belonged to the Intelligence Division of the Criminal Investigation Agency was murdered while leaving work. However, there would be no type of relationship between the cases.

The crime of the Rosario agent identified as César Carmona occurred during the afternoon of September 14. The victim was about to head to the building when a gang of criminals shot him up to 13 times in an alleged attempt to steal his backpack and the belongings he was carrying with him.

So far, three young people between the ages of 21 and 22 have been charged with the homicide and sentenced to preventive detention. On the one hand, the detainees, identified as Agustín Alfredo Almirónknown as “Squid”, and Fernando ACwere accused of having committed the crimes of “homicide aggravated by the use of a firearm, qualified by the premeditated participation of more than two people and criminis causa, robbery qualified by the use of a firearm and illegitimate possession of a firearm. of war, all in real competition with each other”, as co-authors.

César Carmona, the police officer murdered in Rosario
César Carmona, the police officer murdered in Rosario

In the case of the third defendant, Alan Nahuel A.was charged with the crimes of “homicide aggravated by the use of a firearm, qualified by the premeditated participation of more than two people and criminis causa, in real competition with the crime of robbery qualified by the use of a firearm”, in quality of primary participant.

According to the line of investigation of the Public Prosecutor’s Office (MPF), the three defendants would have pursued Carmona after the police officer left to make additional charges in a financial company. The chase would have been carried out in two different vehicles, the first being the Citroen C3 embroidered that was captured by the surveillance cameras, where Calamar and Fernando would have traveled, while the second was a Volkswagen Gol Trend gray that Alan Nahuel A. would have driven.

In this sense, the target of the robbery would have been a black backpack with a yellow label, where they suspected that the victim could be carrying money. Once approached, the prosecutor Alejandro Ferlazzo The person responsible for the shooting indicated: “he approached Carmona carrying a 9 millimeter caliber pistol and, in an attempt to prevent him from using his service weapon, he shot him several times.”

The role of the third suspect would have been key in the escape from the scene, because he put them in the car once they left the Citröen. After the raids were ordered, where the three were apprehended, the two vehicles were seized. In addition, the prosecutor noted that one of the three detainees “has a conviction for crimes against property and another had an arrest warrant for a homicide.”

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