Albert Luque, about Jenni Hermoso: “I only wish that life gives you back what you are making a person pay unjustly”

Albert Luque, director of the men's soccer team.
Albert Luque, director of the men’s soccer team.

The messages exchanged between the director of the men’s soccer team, Albert Luque, and Ana, friend of Jenni Hermosohave come to light. The World and The Spanish have published the whatsapps that were sent between them, when Luque He traveled to Ibiza to try to see the player and convince her to testify in favor of Rubiales. The midfielder refused to open the door to the person who, at the time, he considered his friend. This angered the director who harshly attacked her, using her friend as an intermediary. “I find Jenni’s attitude so humanly base…”, wrote.

“It seems to me so unfair what Luis is being put through (Rubiales)”, stated Albert, who wanted to highlight the “little empathy and humanity” of the player, since “a simple gesture” would remove a person “the biggest brown in his life”, knowing that “bad faith 0″. He also wanted to attack the national team players, for jumping “on the bandwagon of killing” Rubiales. She even reproached her friend for her attitude, who had told her that Jenni “was not going to speak out” and finally ended up reporting Rubiales for harassment. “Not receiving the sports director of the RFEF and friend for two minutes?” he wrote ‘disappointed’.

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“I only wish that in life he returns what he is making a person pay unfairly, but he doesn’t deserve anything because of the little humanity he has… each one gives him what he deserves over time…”, he concluded the message, being willing to talk to Ana whenever she wanted.

The friend, who thanked Luque for his “sincerity,” replied that it was Jenni’s agency that was in charge of issuing the statement: “My role here was to keep Jenni calm. in a few days of rest that he had to enjoy after everything he had experienced and achieved. “I’m sorry if the result is not what you would have liked.” Whoever did not agree wanted to throw a dart in favor of his friend and tell Luque that “As a friend you have to understand it.” “I explained to you that she didn’t see you because she was very affected by everything and the pressure she has on her and that I didn’t want it to affect your friendship,” and added that she was surprised by his words “about wishing Jenni ill” when he previously told her. had said that they were “friends for so long” and that He did not take a position “on behalf of either of them.”

In the first instance, Albert Luque was declared as a witness in the ‘Rubiales Case’, but his condition changed after the statements from the player’s brother and a friend, that They accused him of having coerced the player to testify in favor of the former president of the Federation. He will be summoned next October 10, together with the marketing manager of the RFEF, Rubén Rivera, who suffered the same accusation from those close to Jenni.

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