All the details of ‘Lupin’ season 3: cast, episodes and plot

Image from the third season of 'Lupine'
Image from the third season of ‘Lupine’

Just when we thought that the thief Arsène Lupine had said goodbye forever, he has given us a new surprise. The new season of the series Lupine has just arrived on Netflix and with it one of the funniest stories that series have given in recent years. Omar Sy is back and in this installment things start to get interesting, because the thief will have to face the biggest challenge of his life.

Released in 2021 under the direction of George Kay (Killing Eve) and François Uzan, Lupine It began as a small series about one of the great figures of French literature, the thief Arsène Lupin, created by the French novelist Maurice Leblanc and which began to appear for the first time in 1905. From that moment on, Leblanc would make eighteen novels. , thirty-nine stories and five plays. His importance has been such that the character has managed to survive to this day, although with some changes.

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Because Lupine has not only become one of the most important anime in recent years, since it started in the 70s with Rupan sanseithe series of Hayao Miyazaki, Isao Takahata and other great directors of Japanese cinema. He has also done it on current television in the flesh, and with the help of an actor of the same nationality and we could say that he also has the same charisma as the original character. Because the Netflix series largely updated Maurice Leblanc’s comics towards a more contemporary vision, but maintaining the emotion and style that characterized the elusive thief.

As one of the creators of the series pointed out in an interview, the first two seasons of the series were only the beginning, “the first chapter of a much larger series”, in the words of the showrunner. If in those first installments we were largely told about the origin of this new Lupine – now known as Assane Diop, and played by Omar Sy – to know his past, what happened to his father and how his tragedy has had an impact on the person who It is currently.

However, it seems that in this new installment we will see a more different Diop, with a lower profile due to the events at the end of the last season. The thief has to return Paris and try to contact your son Raoul (Etain Simon) and with Claire (Ludivine Sagnier).

In addition to the two of them, in this new season there will be others such as Antoine Gouyagain as Diop’s best friend Benjamin Ferel, Fargass Assandé like Assane’s father as a young man, Shirine Boutella like Lieutenant Sofia Belkacem or Soufiane Guerrab as Youssef Guedira, a detective who will use his knowledge of the Lupine books to try to catch Assane Diop. The third season of Lupine consists of a total of six episodes, one more than in the previous two seasons. Episodes that have been available on Netflix since October 5.

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