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The commissioner of SEMARNAT, Adán Peña, indicated that the former president Lázaro Cárdenas was the promoter of the Protected Natural Areasnow with AMLO, Mexico will have the largest number of natural areas to safeguard water reservesthe protection of natural jungles, mangroves and forests, as well as deserts and grasslands.

The 4T conservation model has four priority axes:

  • Care and protection
  • Balance
  • Welfare
  • Community

Protected natural areas

María Luisa Albores, head of SEMARNAT, highlighted the importance of megadiversity of the country.

He pointed out that López Obrador is the first president to decree the largest number of Protected Natural Areas whose goal is to reach 43, of which there are 21.

María Luisa Albores, head of SEMARNAT.
María Luisa Albores, head of SEMARNAT.

The morning conference of President Andrés Manuel López Obrador began in which he reported that today’s topics will have to do with the environment and its natural wealth.

Today is Thursday for environmental issues in President López Obrador’s morning conference.

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