Aníbal Lotocki’s wife spoke: “I would have a delicious coffee with Silvina Luna’s brother”

Anibal Lotocki’s wife: “I would have a delicious coffee with Silvina Luna’s brother” (Video: LAM, América)

Aníbal Lotocki He continues his life inside the doors of his house in the town of Florida, in the province of Buenos Aires. By her own decision, in her daily life she carries out basic activities but he secludes himself inside his home with his wife María José Favarón and his sons. After the death of Silvina Luna, of Mariano Caprarola and due to the multiple complaints of malpractice by many of his former patients, the doctor did not come out to speak to the media.

The one who did do it this Wednesday afternoon was his partner. In dialogue with the chronicler of THE M, Lotocki’s wife spoke on several topics including the plans to move to a closed neighborhood, the possibility of the doctor going to prisonamong other things.

“We are thinking about moving to a gated neighborhood so that Aníbal’s children can ride their bicycles.” more freely,” he began confirming when they asked him about the idea of ​​moving out of his house. On the other hand, she also assured that they are not going to leave the country. “Aníbal cannot leave the country, he does not have a passport because he is detained in the Court with which they have it in a safe deposit box. We don’t have a visa to leave the country either. They also said that we had made a hole in the patio to get out there, a lie, guys, There’s no hole or anything, we’re not going anywhere. Not even to another province because Aníbal has his children here in Buenos Aires and he is quite present, and he does activities during the week with his children because he has to take them to their therapies, to the doctor, because they have different treatments,” María José confirmed.

Then, they asked him if Aníbal is prepared to go to prison. “But no, who is prepared?” She immediately responded, visibly upset with the question. Meanwhile, she continued explaining how they act when her husband’s patients call them by phone to ask about her post-surgical consequences. “Of course we take care of them because not responding seems totally irresponsible to me because the patients get scared. The answer is always kindly that if studies are going to be done, what studies can be done and some other message ends up on television,” he responded with an ironic grimace.

Lotocki’s wife: “Aníbal is not prepared to go to prison” (Video: LAM, America)

“We have to give a response beyond Aníbal’s disqualification from practicing, we cannot erase ourselves from the map, “Of course you have to respond,” she said emphatically. Then, she referred to the death of Mariano Caprarola. “I believe that Caprarola is not something in the press, we are going to speak correctly because they are sensitive and delicate issues. Caprarola went to the press to say that he had a secret name and that if he spoke he would end up in a ditch. If you ask me the reason, I don’t know, because We had no dispute with him, no litigation or anything. “He simply stopped seeing himself and started seeing other doctors.”

Then, Favarón agreed that she had also been very surprised by the death of the fashion producer. “I was in class, I turned on the phone and I found out that he passed away. Of course we internalized the subject, we knew that He died in the medical center because he went to have urological surgery. Final point, nothing more”, she closed emphatically.

Finally, the chronicler asked Majo if they ever spoke if Lotocki wanted to send a message to Silvina Luna’s brother. “I don’t know Aníbal, he should answer that, but I never saw Ezequiel in particular, I didn’t hear him speak.his pain hurts me a lot, I understand it and it hurts me. It reaches me, it moved me a lot and I know that at some point in my life it will give me the opportunity to cross paths with him.”

At that time, Lotocki’s wife added: “I would have a delicious coffee with him, I would love to talk to him“I know it’s not the time now, but I really would love to.”

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