Apple Ecuador: the 10 most listened to songs today

These are the 10 titles that all users are looking for on Apple.  (Infobae)
These are the 10 titles that all users are looking for on Apple. (Infobae)

Since the first records of human history, sound and music have always been present. Because it is a universal languagethis is capable of being understood and felt by anyone regardless of their language or culture.

Music has the ability to connect individuals with their emotionswhether it makes them feel happiness, nostalgia, sadness and a whole range of feelings through their wide styles or genres.

In the new millennium, platforms like Apple have managed to take advantage of this and, through its extensive catalog of songs and artists, it has positioned itself in the taste of users, who also have the possibility of listen to your favorite music through apps and even without the need to have access to the internet.

However, given the great variety that Apple has, it could be easy to get lost in a rapidly updating industry.


KAROL G and Featherweight

First of all, this song by KAROL G and Peso Pluma continues.





WHERE DO YOU LEARN TO LOVE? de Mora is very successful among the users of this platform. Today it continues to be in fourth position.

5. According to Who

6. If you are not there

Inigo Quintero

Iñigo Quintero’s most recent single is already seen as a new classic. If you are not Today it firmly enters the list of most listened to songs on this streaming platform.

7. Classy 101

Feid and Young Miko

Classy 101 It debuts today in this ranking. The success of Feid and Young Miko is giving a lot to talk about. Catchy, perfect and with a lot of potential… What more can you ask for from a song?

8. Holland



KAROL G’s new production is selling like hotcakes. Go from 13th place yesterday to 9th today. It thus becomes a winning melody that cannot be missed in the current ranking.

10. First Date

*Some data may not be available because the platform does not provide it.

With its services, Apple also seeks to dominate the streaming war.  (REUTERS/Yves Herman)
With its services, Apple also seeks to dominate the streaming war. (REUTERS/Yves Herman)

Apple Inc. is an American company that produces electronic equipment, software and also provides multimedia services through its various streaming platforms. It is a company that has been considered for several years as one of the most striking and valuable in the world.

Among its services stands out Apple Musicwhich allows its more than 430 million users to access more than 100 million songs, 30 thousand playlists and various podcasts. Like its similar ones, such as Spotify, it allows you to download songs and listen to them offline.

Regarding the main advantages or disadvantages that it has compared to its largest competitor, one of the most significant differences is the sound quality, because while in Spotify the maximum quality is 320 kbps in the Apple company it is 24 bits/192kHz; At the minimum Apple can reach 256 kbps.

Another of Apple’s advantages is that it has a broader catalog than its competitor, added to the fact that in the Manzanita service you can access live radio from around the world and exclusive Apple digital stations.

Among other functions that it offers to users is Apple Music Sing, the Top Charts to see the rankings of the most listened to songs in various cities around the world; and the possibility of listening to music with another person using SharePlay during a video call.

Some artists also provide exclusive videos, audios, interviews or mini-documentaries to the platform.


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