At least 25 terrorists and ten soldiers die after clashes between Al Shabaab and the Somali Army


At least 25 terrorists and ten soldiers died this Wednesday after clashes between the jihadist group Al Shabaab, linked to Al Qaeda, and the Somali Army in the province of Mudug, in the center of the country. These combats would have lasted several hours and, while Al Shabaab has reported on its channels the death of ten Somali soldiers, the Deputy Minister of Information of Somalia, Abdirahman Yusuf, has confirmed to the dpa news agency that the jihadists had suffered heavy casualties. “Al Shabaab is losing more territory with each passing day. Their presence in the Somali state of Galmudug is about to disappear,” the minister added. Al Shabaab, which operates mainly in Somalia, is one of the bloodiest armed groups on the African continent and is currently retreating after the advance of Somali forces, their regional allies and the United States, within the framework of the “war total” against the group ordered by the Somali president, Hasan Sheikh Mohamud.

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