Ayuso replies to Lobato that “little numbers” are that Spaniards speak “with a headset” or “touching the face of the mayor of Madrid”


The president of the Community of Madrid, Isabel Díaz Ayuso, has replied to the spokesperson of the Socialist Group, Juan Lobato, that “little numbers” are that the Spaniards speak “with a earpiece” in the Congress of Deputies, “stopping an AVE”, in reference to the incident carried out by the PSOE deputy Óscar Puente, or “touching the face of the mayor of Madrid”, in reference to the incident involving former councilor Daniel Viondi in the last Cibeles Plenary Session. This was highlighted by the president in response to a question from Lobato during the Government control session in the Plenary Session of the Assembly this Thursday, in which Díaz Ayuso has charged against the possible amnesty for those accused of the ‘procés’ in Catalonia . In the balance of her first hundred days of Government, the head of the regional Executive has demanded measures such as the dance plan in schools, the Master Law to “protect the quality of teaching”, the creation of a new Special Education school, the implementation of advanced telecare, the expansion of the Guadarrama Park, the actions to alleviate the effects of the DANA at the beginning of September or the purchase of 80 new trains for the Metro network. For his part, Juan Lobato has criticized the “lack of horizon and future projects” of an autonomous Government that “seems more like the end of the legislature”, while at the same time he has criticized the “school dropout” rates in the Community, the waiting lists or the “chaos” of dining room scholarships. In this sense, the socialist spokesperson has disgraced him that he tries to spread a “smoke screen” over the problems of Madrid such as “Catalonia and Sanchismo.” “You have been to Barcelona more than to Cañada Real, you know Las Ramblas better than Presa de San Fernando de Henares Street,” he reproached her in reference to the housing evictions due to the works on Metro Line 7B. Likewise, he has warned her that while she “thinks that Spain is breaking up for Catalonia”, in reality she is doing so “with a million people on waiting lists.” “Don’t count on us for conflict and tension. It’s time for politics and the Spanish Constitution,” concluded Juan Lobato.

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