Bed bugs in CCH? They announced the closure of all schools due to fumigation

The CCH has reported that it will close its five campuses to carry out bedbug fumigation. [Infobae]
The CCH has reported that it will close its five campuses to carry out bedbug fumigation. [Infobae]

The College of Sciences and Humanities (CCH) from the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM) has reported that it will close its five campuses and the General Directorate for two days to carry out a sanitary inspection and fumigation after reports of alleged pest infestations. Bedbugs in different faculties.

After the various complaints that have been made in recent days about the presence of these insects in facilities of the Maximum Study Houseit seems that they have taken the issue seriously and have begun to carry out inspections, in addition to fumigating as a preventive measure.

The Faculty of Chemistry, Law, Veterinary Medicine and Political and Social Sciences They have already closed their facilities after the students made the bedbug infestation evident. Now, CCH campuses have joined this measure to safeguard the integrity of the student community.

It was through a statement that the Board of Directors announced the determination not to have school and administrative activities in the coming days, while the corresponding evaluation of the academic facilities is carried out to rule out any problem with bedbug infestation.

“Academic and administrative activities will be suspended, in the five campuses and in the General Directorate, on October 5 and 6, with the purpose of carrying out a health inspection of the facilities by specialists from the General Directorate of Health Care. Health (DGAS) of the UNAM,” CCH detailed in its display shared on social networks.

They added that after the review, a preventive fumigation, thus combating any situation that may arise regarding a bedbug infestation. They reported that the students, along with the teachers, must continue with classes virtually during the two days in which the facilities will remain closed.

“Academic and administrative tasks will resume, at the five campuses, on Monday, October 9,” ​​the School concluded in its statement.

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