Brutal femicide in La Plata: he stabbed his wife to death with his four children inside the house

Buenos Aires Police patrol car, which intervened at the scene (illustrative image, Télam)
Buenos Aires Police patrol car, which intervened at the scene (illustrative image, Télam)

In the early hours of today, Thursday, personnel from the 16th Police Station of La Plata arrived at a house on the corner of 122 bis and 612 in the provincial capital, in the middle of a settlement, to find a brutal femicide: Cecilia Góngora, 35, was stabbed to death. His partner, Juan Ramón Navarrete, 39, is the main suspect and is charged with the incident.

The man, police sources say, He fled.

The crime was alerted by the victim’s neighbors to 911. The police, upon arriving, not only found the woman, covered in blood on the bedroom floor, already dying: Celia’s four children, ages 9, 6, 13 and 16, were there, visibly altered. According to police sources, the four boys were inside the house when the crime occurred. The agents who entered the scene noticed blood stains in various areas.

Thus, a SAME ambulance arrived, whose personnel tried to perform CPR maneuvers, to no avail: the victim was pronounced dead at the scene. Meanwhile, Celia’s own children reported that their father had killed their mother to then escape and that the crime occurred while they were sleeping.

The fiscal Virginia Bravo, in charge of UFI N°7, investigate the fact. Bravo has already ordered an autopsy on the body, which was sent to the La Plata Morgue.


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