Brutal murder of three doctors in the most tourist area of ​​Rio de Janeiro: they were executed while they were having dinner in a bar

The doctors were executed by a gang in a restaurant in Barra da Tijuca

Rio de Janeiro was once again the scene of a shocking act of violence. A cold-blooded murder carried out by a gang that killed three doctors in a bar restaurant in Tijuca, a tourist area par excellence in the city of Rio, shakes the city. The fourth victim was injured and was admitted to a health center, where they are trying to save his life.

The criminals got out of a car on Avenida Lúcio Costa during the early hours of this Thursday and unloaded their weapons on the diners who were quietly dining at a table located on the sidewalk.

According to initial estimates, in just 28 seconds the criminals shot at least 20 times at their victims. The security camera shows that at that time it was 00:59 local time.

The images also show two other clients, who flee to safety when they hear the shots. Shortly after the incident occurred, one of them returns to the table to pick up his cell phone. The crimes had already been completed.

According to Brazilian media, the victims, whose names have not been released, were doctors who were attending an orthopedic congress called the VI International Congress of Minimally Invasive Foot and Ankle Surgery and were staying at the Windsor Hotel, on the same avenue where the crime was committed.

The Police have not reported any arrests in this case and they are working on the possible reasons for the execution, since it was not a robbery nor do they have details about a previous meeting between the doctors and their murderers. Witnesses stated that nothing but gunshots were heard. None of the gunmen said anything before or after unloading their weapons.

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