“Chocolate” case: the prosecutor investigates another 25 people as a result of the evidence seized from the house of the PJ leader

Rigau's notes seized from his home
Rigau’s notes seized from his home

Prosecutor Betina Lacki decided to expand the list of people investigated in the case of Julio “Chocolate” Rigau. In addition to the 48 card owners, who will continue to testify as witnesses starting October 18, now He set his sights on 25 other people that appear in documents seized from the house of the PJ leader. Specifically, the names appear in a notebook where Rigau made notes of all kinds and in sworn declarations of domicileused to initiate hiring in the Chamber of Deputies.

In Rigau’s house, the prosecutor seized six sworn declarations of address to be presented before the Buenos Aires Chamber of Deputies. It is in the name of Jorge Alberto Maidana, Sandra Elizabeth Cantero Gonzalez, Agustina Pamela Tapia, Cristian Martin Ponce de Leon, and Natali Marisol Niveyro.

They are all dated November 20 and 21, 2019, Therefore, it is suspected that the collection maneuver dates back to at least that year. For now it is just a hypothesis.


They also seized a red-covered notebook from the PJ leader where he wrote down names and personal information. In those lists there are some of the owners of the debit cards but other names that do not appear among the 48 “employees.” For this reason, the prosecutor He now asked the Chamber of Deputies to confirm whether they are employees and that they send you their respective files.

The list includes these names: Luis Alberto Pintos, Javier Agustin Ascacibar, Cecilia Valdata, Axel Lopez, Axel Nitoli, Elida Palacio, María Eugenia Palacios, Carmen Valdata, Karina Valdata, Lorena Valdata, Salguero Fernando, Pietroantoni Eduardo, Yanina Palacios, Antonela Orellana , Daiana Sandoval, Agustina Scarponi, Tomas Scarponi, Micaela Valdata, Nicolas Valdata, and Rivero Yohana.


The Chamber of Deputies, headed by Federico Otermín, a member of Martín Insaurralde, has already sent the prosecutor the files of the 48 owners of the cards (in reality there were 49 cards but one of the owners, Cristian Rigau, had one of the Banco Provincia and another from Banco Macro). These documents reveal, in principle, that the majority entered to work in the Frente de Todos block. The names change according to the entry dates: PJ, Front for Victory and Renewal Front. But there are some of those involved who also were or are part of the block of Let’s changeat least according to the records.

Among those 48 people there are several employees who changed political blocs over the years. Infobae detected the cases of Raúl Folone, who joined the PJ bloc in 2004 and ended up in Cambiemos, and Rubén Mendivil, who went through the PJ, the Front for Victory and ended up in Cambiemos.


There are also at least half a dozen employees who joined the ranks of the Renewal Front: Marisol Correa, Paula Valdata, Carlos Ravetllat, María Cecilia D’Ovidio, and Juan Martín Méndez.

Rigau is a historic leader linked to the provincial PJ and was even a candidate for substitute councilor, in 2019, on a list headed by the pre-candidate for mayor Guillermo Escudero, from the Frente de Todos, one of the first who tried to break away. He is also linked to Claudio Albini, who was always in the Legislative area of ​​the Buenos Aires Chamber of Deputies, and to his son, Facundo, current councilor of La Plata and leader of the Frente Renovador.

Yesterday, prosecutor Betina Lacki reopened the investigation into “Chocolate” Rigau by ordering a battery of evidentiary measures, among which stands out the examination of the cell phone of the PJ’s leader, scheduled for the October 11th. In addition, he requested reports from the Chamber of Deputies, from Banco Provincia, and summoned the owners of the cards who had not yet gone through the Prosecutor’s Office to testify.

Lacki resumed the investigation, which has Poder Ciudadano as the plaintiff, after the appeal made by the Attorney General of La Plata, Héctor Vogliolo, against the ruling of the Court of Appeals that had annulled the case. The fiscal considered that the appeal suspends the effects of that scandalous resolution, Therefore, the cause can continue its course while the Court of Cassation defines it.

The investigation had stopped two weeks ago when judges Juan Alberto Benavides and Alejandro Gustavo Villordo ordered the release of “Chocolate” and annulled the case arguing that he had been detained illegally. The chambermaids are now being investigated by the Buenos Aires Court following a complaint filed by María Eugenia Talerico, Ricardo López Murphy and Javier Iguacel.

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