Defensa y Justicia tied 0-0 with Liga de Quito and said goodbye to the Copa Sudamericana

El Halcón needs a feat in La Fortaleza de Lanús.  Photo: EFE/José Jácome
El Halcón needs a feat in La Fortaleza de Lanús. Photo: EFE/José Jácome

It was a dark night for Defense and Justice. After the defeat suffered in Ecuadorthe set of Florencio Varela received in Strength of Lanus to the League of Quito with the mission of reversing the three goals against and dreaming of qualifying for the South American Cup final. A feat that seemed impossible against a tough rival, who did the merits to keep the key to the continental competition.

In the first movements, the set of Julio Vaccari threatened to open the scoring prematurely to feed the hope of the Hawk. A header from Thomas Cardonaan intervention by David Barbona and a resolution of Gaston Togni that crashed against the post were some of the homeowner’s arguments to gain the advantage, but fortune was not on his side.

That metallic sound made those led by Luis Zubeldia, who appealed to the experience of the referents to manage the timing of the revenge. Even in the complement, through a auction of Paolo Warrior and a remarkable individual maneuver of Mauricio Martínez, the Ecuadorian cast was able to bury the Buenos Aires dream in foreign territory. However, the post drowned out the cry of the Peruvian legend and Enrique Bologna he scored what would have been a great goal Candy.

It was a difference impossible to reduce for Defense and Justice, who with the passing of the minutes began to embrace resignation. The confusion was so striking that it was reflected in the decisions of his coach when he had him enter. Manuel Duarte rather Julian Lopez at halftime, and half an hour later he replaced it with Andres Rios. A measure that caused the young midfielder to cry inconsolably.

Without the scoring ability of Uvita Fernandezthe hierarchy of Lucas Pratto It was not enough to break the lock proposed by the line of four of the rival defense. Furthermore, on the occasions that he was able to manage to reach the network, Alexander Dominguez He seemed unbeatable.

The glory will be settled between Ecuadorians and Brazilians in Uruguay. The next Saturday 28 of October, the League of Quito will face Strengtha rival that left a regional power behind: Corinthians. And the guarantee will be that there will be a champion Argentine coach, since it will be the crossroads of strategists between Luis Zubeldia and Juan Pablo Vojvoda.


Defense and Justice: Enrique Bologna; Nicolás Tripicchio, Agustín Sant’Anna, Santiago Ramos, Dario Cáceres; Alexis Soto, Julián López; Tomás Cardona, David Barbona, Gastón Togni; Lucas Pratto. DT: Julio Vaccari.

League of Quito: Alexander Dominguez; José Quintero, Ricardo Adé, Facundo Rodríguez, Leonel Quiñónez; Ezequiel Piovi, Mauricio Martínez, Renato Ibarra, Sebastián González, Jhojan Julio; and Paolo Guerrero. DT: Luis Zubeldia.

Stadium: City of Lanús Néstor Díaz Pérez

Referee: Piero Maza

Television: ESPN and DirecTV Sports (Channel 1610)

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