Expansion of the Popayán-Santander de Quilichao road is suspended due to burning of yellow machinery

Archive image of the burning of yellow machinery in Western Colombia.  (Government of Valle del Cauca)
Archive image of the burning of yellow machinery in Western Colombia. (Government of Valle del Cauca)

On Wednesday, October 4, the Nuevo Cauca road concessionaire reported in a statement that Work was suspended to expand the road that leads from Popayán to Santander de Quilichao due to vandalism against the company machinery.

“It is concluded that There are no security guarantees from the National Government for the proper development of the works, For this reason, the determination has been made to suspend all construction activities on the road corridor (sic)”, they indicated.

The decision affects the population of that area of ​​the department of Cauca because The decision extends to employability agreements.

“The aforementioned implies, in turn, that the suspension of labor and commercial contracts linked to the project directly and indirectly must also be brought forward. greatly decreasing the quality of life of the inhabitants of the area of ​​influence and the economic development of the region (sic)”, they stated in the statement.

Finally They urged the authorities to provide them with security to continue with the expansion of the road corridor in the northeast of the department.

“From the road concessionaire we regret and reject the vandalism events that have occurred and we reiterate our commitment to generating development in the region and in the country. However, until effective security guarantees are provided to the project, it will not continue with the execution of the works. (sic)”, they stated in the document.

The senator of the Democratic Center Paloma Valencia condemned what happened through his official account on the social network was left to his fate.

“The construction of the Popayan Cali dual carriageway is suspended due to the lack of safety guarantees.”. Poor Cauca and the southwest, in this government more forgotten than ever (sic)”, he stated.

While The representative to the Chamber of the Historical Pact, the Government party, for that department Ermes Evelio Pete Vivas rejected these acts of violence in an extensive post on X.

“It is unacceptable that the progress and development of Cauca are hindered by actions of extortion and violence that threaten investment and people’s security. These events not only generate fear, but also slow down economic growth and job creation in our community. (sic)”, criticized the congressman.

He recalled that last Tuesday the President of the Republic, Gustavo Francisco Petro, was in that territory for the presentation of the new drug policy where he precisely referred to the need for the Public Force to increase its presence in the region.

“The importance of the military presence in the territories to protect the lives of the communities has been highlighted. This is a key commitment of the Government of Change to guarantee a safe environment for all citizens which must be implemented immediately (sic),” added the representative.

Therefore, he made a new call to the National government and President Petro, so that The security required by the consortium is quickly provided so that they can continue with the works.

“Provide the necessary security guarantees to this consortium and allow the works to continue. The dual carriageway is a pressing need for the region and we cannot allow it to be interrupted by violence (sic)”, he reiterated.

He also asked the illegal groups that commit crimes in Cauca to cease their actions against the companies that carry out works for the development of the territory.

“Finally, I urge all armed actors operating in our department to immediately stop their violent actions, which do not contribute anything to the well-being of our region or to the consolidation of peace that we need so much. As a representative, I reiterate my commitment to the development of Cauca and to the generation of opportunities for our communities (sic), ”she trilled.

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