Galatasaray accused the UK government of disrespecting the team

Turkish football club Galatasaray, which beat English Manchester United in a Champions League match with a score of 3:2, accused the British government of showing disrespect towards the team. This was reported on the official website of the club from Istanbul.

It is alleged that the disrespectful treatment began at the British consulate in Istanbul when processing visas, continued when Galatasaray players and staff entered Britain and culminated in “immoral treatment contrary to universal values ​​of human rights.”

“The departure of our flight was unreasonably delayed with a pointlessly detailed luggage check and turned into torture. At the same time, the officials showed disrespect and arrogance, which is an indicator of the attitude towards our country,” Galatasaray said in a statement. It is emphasized that no one has the right to treat members of the team – “the pride of Turkey” – this way.

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