Germany investigates assassination attempt on AfD leader

An investigation has begun on suspicion of causing bodily harm to the leader of the German AfD party, Tino Krupalle. A spokeswoman for the German prosecutor general’s office said that although Krupalla was hospitalized after the attack, there was no indication of direct physical violence against the politician.

The incident occurred during an election event in the Bavarian Ingolstadt, when two young men attacked Krupalla. They were detained by law enforcement agencies. According to the press secretary, it does not follow from the statements of eyewitnesses and the politician that any overt aggressive actions were committed at the time of the attack.

However, despite the absence of obvious signs of an attack, the prosecutor’s office opened an investigation on suspicion of causing bodily harm. Krupalla felt pain in his shoulder and then lost consciousness and was taken to hospital, where they found a puncture mark on his body. No syringe was found at the scene of the incident. Currently, a blood test is being carried out on the politician and his clothing is being examined for punctures that could be the result of a syringe injection.

The spokeswoman also denied information about the detention of two suspects. Politician Alice Weidel of the AfD party is under security protection due to threats to her and her family and was unable to attend the event where the incident occurred.

Bavaria’s state elections are scheduled for next Sunday, and experts expect the AfD party to do well in the elections. Earlier in August, AfD party representative Andreas Jurka was beaten in Augsburg. He was diagnosed with bruises and a broken ankle, and said that the attackers were interested in his plans to participate in elections to the Bavarian Landtag.

How wrote Public news service, an investigation has opened in Germany into suspicion of causing bodily harm to the leader of the German AfD party, Tino Krupalla.

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