Horror in Scott Derrickson’s films

Marvel's DOCTOR STRANGE..Doctor Stephen Strange (Benedict Cumberbatch)..Photo Credit: Film Frame ..©2016 Marvel.  All Rights Reserved.
Marvel’s DOCTOR STRANGE..Doctor Stephen Strange (Benedict Cumberbatch)..Photo Credit: Film Frame ..©2016 Marvel. All Rights Reserved.

Scott Derrickson, Born and raised in the United States, he began his university studies where he mixed communication with theology and then completed several master’s degrees applied to audiovisual production.

After releasing his short film Love in the Ruins In 1995 (where he begins to apply his passions for theology, in the story of a demon with his assistant who are trapped among human beings, who become worse than them) he gets his first opportunity in feature films with a direct-to-video film: Hellraiser: hell (Hellraiser: Inferno2000).

Yes, the entrance through the main door of Derrickson He went to the movies with the fifth part of the Cenobites saga. A somewhat abandoned franchise that nevertheless has a strong group of fans who accompany its films.

Emily Rose's exorcism
Emily Rose’s exorcism

Five years later Scott achieves his first great success: Emily Rose’s exorcism (The Exorcism of Emily Rose, 2005) with participation also in the script. This mix between subgenre of demonic possessions and trial films made him a rising star in Hollywood, leading him to direct The day the earth stopped (The Day the Earth Stood Still, 2008), remake of the 1950s science fiction classic. Critics did not accept this version so much, so the director returned to what he does best.

Sinister (Sinister, 2012) is his return to horror. Also serving as screenwriter again, he adds to Ethan Hawke (which will become his talisman) to tell a story with a lot of atmosphere and complex relationships at the family level. The descent into madness of the writer he interprets Ethan and the nightmarish images create an overwhelming and effective experience that made him “the horror director.”

It was such a success that it had a sequel, which takes place a few years after the first and puts the demon Bughuul in a place of importance. Sinister 2 (sinister 22015) did not have Derrickson as a director but as a producer and screenwriter.

Behind the camera he returns to the ring in the spiritual world and exorcisms with Deliver us from evil (Deliver Us from Evil2014) that unites a police officer with an exorcist priest in a series of extraordinary situations with former marines, animals and supernatural issues. Eric Bana He understands the director to the fullest and accompanies him in a different but somewhat irregular experience.

The black phone
The black phone

After the experience with Doctor Strange: Sorcerer Supreme (Doctor Strange2016) and the bad experience regarding the second part (from which he withdrew due to “creative differences”), he returned to the purest terror with The Black Telephone (The Black Phone2021).

This film, scripted by Derrickson and based on a short story by Joe Hill (the son of Stephen King) joins forces again with Ethan Hawke in an uncomfortable and tense story about a child kidnapping by a kind of masked serial killer. The appearance of people behind a disconnected telephone line turns everything into a supernatural and interesting proposition in times of so many franchises.

With several projects in the pipeline, he is not a director who is going to stop making horror films grow. We wait for you with open arms.

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