How to create more formal employment: proposals from businessmen and a spicy debate about the role of the State

The second day of the 59th IDEA Colloquium began with a debate on how to create formal employment
The second day of the 59th IDEA Colloquium began with a debate on how to create formal employment

“14 years ago we had 1.5 million workers, today we have 1.2 million. If demographic evolution is added, where do we stand? Why are we where we are? There is fear of hiring; lack of training; there is no knowledge,” said the president of the UIA, Daniel Funes from Riojathis morning, when participating in a panel on “How to generate employment for a sustainable Argentina” within the framework of the 59th IDEA Colloquium which is being developed at the Sheraton hotel in Mar del Plata. Minutes before, the economist Eduardo Levy Yeyati had described, with compelling figures, the current situation in the world of work. Only 30% of the workforce has a formal job.

With this scenario as a backdrop, the IDEA businessmen presented, and debated together with the unions, several proposals on which they have been working for several months and that aim to improve formal employment, among which the increase in the period trial period of 3 to 6 months so that employers have more time to train personnel entering a company.

In addition, they took the opportunity to refer to the bill that is being debated in Congress and that proposes the reduction of the working day, where businessmen and union members agreed that today is not the right time to move forward with this discussion, which is not still resolved worldwide. “I think it’s a bit rushed. The issue of working hours is important, but there is still no matrix that provides certainty in the world. We are close to the devil’s throat, because at any moment we go down the ravine, so there is a higher priority,” said the head of the UOCRA, Gerardo Martinezwho was blunt when stating that “the State has to be more prudent” and not get involved.

“Today there are new work modalities and that means we have an agile environment that reacts accordingly. We don’t all have the same needs. Therefore, the State has to be more prudent. It’s not getting angry with politics. Yes, there is someone who is angry with politics and is organizing a lunch on the other hand,” concluded Martínez, in a clear allusion to the lunch organized by the libertarian candidate, Javier Mileiwith businessmen, outside the colloquium and at the same time that Patricia Bullrich will present at the event.

The trade unionist participated in the debate together with Funes de Rioja; the president and CEO of Ford Argentina, Martin Galdeano; and Wanda Weigertdirector of IDEA and executive director of Globant Argentina.

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