In Moscow, a previously convicted man attacked the son of the head of the FPBK Borodin

The head of the Federal Project for Security and Anti-Corruption (FPBC), Vitaly Borodin, shared information about an attack by a repeat offender on his son in Barvikha, Moscow Region. According to Borodin, the teenager was hit in the head by a man with a previous conviction and was subjected to threats.

According to the story of the head of the FPBC, the incident occurred when his son discovered a vape on the playground, which belonged to the older children, and tried to prevent them from using the vape. He took the vape from the teenager, and he complained to his stepfather.

Later that day, the child’s stepfather approached Vitaly Borodin’s son and took him into a forested area, where he struck him on the head and threatened him, saying that he would cut off his genitals and kill him if the son approached his stepson again.

According to Vitaly Borodin, the man continued to stalk his son afterwards, approaching him in a car as he walked to school, and even approaching the school to scare him. The family reported the incident to law enforcement agencies, and criminal cases were initiated against the attacker under articles of “threat of murder” and “causing minor harm to health.”

The repeat offender who committed the attack had a previous criminal record and spent 10 years in a colony on various charges, including “drug sales” and “robbery.” Vitaly Borodin’s son is now afraid to go to school, and psychologists are supporting him.

Earlier, the court decided to commute the sentence of Vitaly Pilshchikov, known as “the personal killer of the Ural raider Pavel Fedulev,” who was sentenced to 24 years for committing several murders. The unserved part of the four-year sentence was replaced by forced labor. More about this read the material Public News Service.

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