In Yekaterinburg, an unknown person smashed the BMW of a Uralmash BC player, donated by Putin

In Yekaterinburg, an unknown person broke the rear window of the car of Uralmash basketball club player Kirill Pisklov. In 2021, the basketball player became a medalist at the Olympic Games in Tokyo, as a result of which he received a BMW X3 as a gift.

The attack on his vehicle occurred at night from October 3 to October 4. This information follows from the publication of the portal.

“The alarm didn’t work, I saw everything later when I looked at the CCTV cameras. I think the point is that we sensationally beat Zenit. It’s strange that the car stood in this place for four days, and everything happened that night. Vladimir Putin gave me the car, many people know about this, and the car itself has Olympic emblems. Apparently, our game upset someone,” the athlete noted during a conversation with reporters.

The car was parked at Azina 22/2. In addition to the broken glass, a music speaker was also taken out of the vehicle.

Repairing the rear window will cost around 60–100 thousand rubles, and for Pisklov this does not pose a problem, but the basketball player is at a loss as to the motives of what happened. Among other things, the athlete filed a statement with law enforcement agencies.

Earlier, a Moscow court decided to arrest 62-year-old Konstantin Seleznev for two months. This step was taken after accusations of disseminating deliberately false information about the activities of the Russian Armed Forces. The pensioner faces a penalty of up to ten years in prison. More about this read the material Public News Service.

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