Judge Federico Villena withdrew from the Insaurralde case due to “moral violence”

Martín Insaurralde was in the crosshairs of Justice for the yacht scandal
Martín Insaurralde was in the crosshairs of Justice for the yacht scandal

Federal judge Federico Villena withdrew from the investigation against the former Buenos Aires Chief of Staff Martín Insaurralde. In a brief resolution, to which he agreed Infobaethe magistrate maintained that he did so for ““moral violence”, but rejected the arguments raised by prosecutor Sergio Mola in the challenge.

“The public escalation of the present actions, the doubts generated, the false reports and the repeated attacks on my investiture, They place me in a situation of moral violence, which now irreparably conditions my performance as a natural Judge in this file and leads me to make the decision to inhibit myself from continuing to understand it,” said the magistrate.

And he added: “The exercise of the judiciary, given its relevance, necessarily entails coexisting and withstanding all types of pressures, from the parties, from the media, and from the different power factors that usually coexist in society; But they, in no way, can inspire the temperance necessary to play that role.”

Villena, however, rejected the challenge that Mola had raised for an alleged connection between the judge and Insaurralde since the official’s ex-wife, Liana Toledo, is an employee of federal court 1. In his defense, Villena maintained: “I do not have, nor did I have, a friendship with Mr. Martín Insaurralde, beyond the protocol or cordial relationship, that may have with any mayor whose municipality is territorially under the jurisdiction that corresponds to the Federal Justice of Lomas de Zamora. And he clarified that Toledo has worked in the jurisdiction since 2003 and that he was currently on leave.

Adrian Escandar
Adrian Escandar

By inhibiting himself, Judge Villena sent the case to federal court 2 of Lomas de Zamora, in charge of Ernesto Kreplak, who in turn has another case in progress with the prosecutor Cecilia Incardona, who He has already charged Insaurralde and Jésica Cirio with illicit enrichment and money laundering.

However, the outlook can still change. Now Kreplak has to decide whether to accept Villena’s cause which began last Saturday following a complaint from lawyer Gastón Marano. If it rejects it, the Federal Chamber of La Plata must define it.

Prosecutor Mola had already filed a complaint for the crime of money laundering and accused Insaurralde and the model Sofía Clérici for the scandalous trip to Marbella. In addition, he requested several measures of proof and determined, through Immigration records, that The former official left the country on September 15 on an Iberia flight and returned to the country on the 21st in the morning. Meanwhile, Clerici left Argentina for Spain on September 7 and returned on the 21st, almost at the same time, but on another flight.

According to these records, Insaurralde would have landed in Madrid on September 16 at dawn. How did he get to Marbella? Justice must request data from the Spanish immigration authorities to find out if he took a connecting flight to Malaga airport (there are several flights during the morning) or if he boarded a private flight.

Among other things, Mola asked the Airport Security Police (PSA) to check the security cameras at the Ezeiza international airport to find out if Insaurralde was alone when boarding Iberia flight 6844. He also demanded that the assets be inhibited for the two defendants, that tax, banking and stock market secrecy be lifted and that all property records (property, vehicles, boats, among others) be lifted.. In addition, he claimed Insaurralde’s sworn statements as a public official and his salary receipts since he entered public service.

The complaint filed by lawyer Gastón Marano is for money laundering and tax evasion. “The events have had to do with the usufruct of an expensive yacht in the City of Marbella and related circumstances. Numerous news portal publications have also reported that the person who acted as a companion on the trip would have received sumptuous gifts from the former official, among which would be top brand watches and handbags, as well as pieces of jewelry. The elements described would have been a gift from the mayor of Buenos Aires, it can be inferred from the publications of the Insaurralde companion (whose verified Instagram Social Network account is @sofiaclericiok),” the presentation detailed.

The lawyer also pointed to Clerici, who “may have suspected its illicit origin – since Insaurralde’s salary and tax affidavit are in the public domain, and the asymmetry between those data and the cost of those luxury goods is patent.” He stated that it could incur “concealment by receipt or acquisition.”

In addition to the cases filed in Lomas de Zamora, there are complaints spread in the federal and ordinary courts of La Plata, and in the courts of Comodoro Py.

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