Justice confirmed that the Insaurralde scandal trip was on September 15

Martin Insaurralde
Martin Insaurralde

The federal prosecutor Sergio Mola asked the Airport Security Police (PSA) to review the security cameras at the Ezeiza international airport to search there for images of the former Chief of Staff of the province of Buenos Aires Martin Insaurralde and the model Sofia Clericiwho were charged with alleged money laundering for the trip aboard the yacht “Bandido” in Marbella, Spain.

The court made the request after corroborating that Insaurralde left the country on September 15 for Spain on an Iberia flight and returned on September 21. Meanwhile, Clerici left Argentina for Spain on September 7 and returned on the 21st, the same day as the former official, but on another flight.

The criminal investigation was launched after Mola accused Insaurralde and Clerici in one of the half dozen complaints that were presented for the incident to be investigated. Along with the accusation, the prosecutor required a series of evidentiary measures to begin the investigation.

Mola claimed the inhibition of the assets in both names. Also that tax, banking and stock market secrecy is lifted and all property records (property, vehicles, boats, among others) are lifted. In addition, he claimed Insaurralde’s sworn statements as a public official and his salary receipts since he entered public service.

Prosecutor Mola, in addition to charging and requiring evidentiary measures, requested the removal of the federal judge of Lomas de Zamora, Federico Villenawhich received the complaint, and which is in charge of federal court 1. As explained, the first woman from Insaurralde, the lawyer, works in its court Liana Alejandra Toledodaughter of a former mayor of Lome, who is administrative deputy secretary in the federal court of Villena.

Judicial sources indicated that the woman entered justice in 2003 and has worked in that court since 2008, before Villena’s arrival. However, the prosecution understood that There is a well-founded fear of partiality due to friendship and that is why he demanded his removal. In the next few hours, Villena will respond if he accepts or rejects the challenge. And the definition will go to the Federal Chamber of La Plata.

Martin Insaurralde and Sofia Clerici in one of the images published by the model
Martin Insaurralde and Sofia Clerici in one of the images published by the model

Mola promoted the complaint that the lawyer made on Saturday – when the fact became known through the model’s social networks and which she later deleted. Gaston Marano for money laundering and tax evasion. “The events have had to do with the usufruct of an expensive yacht in the City of Marbella and related circumstances. Numerous news portal publications have also reported that the person who acted as a companion on the trip would have received sumptuous gifts from the former official, among which would be top brand watches and handbags, as well as pieces of jewelry. The elements described would have been a gift from the mayor of Buenos Aires, it can be inferred from the publications of the Insaurralde companion (whose verified Instagram Social Network account is @sofiaclericiok),” the presentation detailed.

The lawyer also pointed to Clerici, who “may have suspected its illicit origin – since Insaurralde’s salary and tax affidavit are in the public domain, and the asymmetry between those data and the cost of those luxury goods is patent.” He proposed that it could incur “concealment by receipt or acquisition.”

Video: Martin Insaurralde with Sofia Clerici in Marbella

The case began in the federal courts of Lomas de Zamora since Insaurralde has the tax and real domicile in that jurisdiction. But there are other complaints. Some were presented in the federal courts of Comodoro Py, others in the federal and ordinary courts of La Plata and another also in Lomas de Zamora, but which fell to federal court 2.

The judges and prosecutors in those files began to do what is known as “certifying the case.” That is to determine if there are similar complaints in other courts so that they all end up accumulated in a single court.

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