Justice investigates Insaurralde’s travels around the world: Colombia and the United States, the main destinations

Martín Insaurralde traveled to several countries in recent years
Martín Insaurralde traveled to several countries in recent years

On September 21 at 7:31, Martín Insaurralde went through immigration control at the Ezeiza international airport, after his luxury trip to Marbella with the model Sofía Clerici. His companion completed the immigration process at 7:52, that same morning. The records also revealed that they traveled on separate flights from Spain, but it was not enough to contain the scandal.

The data is part of the list of inputs and outputs of Insaurralde since 1999, which was incorporated into the judicial case for money laundering that is being processed before prosecutor Sergio Mola and judge Ernesto Kreplak, after the departure of Federico Villena. In total there are 215 movements, that is, more than 100 trips abroad in 23 years.

The destination most chosen by the mayor of Lomas de Zamora (currently on license) is Colombia. Did a total of 26 trips to that destination on three airlines: Avianca, Aerolíneas Argentinas and at one time he traveled by Lan Chile, stopping in Santiago.

The second most chosen destination by Insaurralde was USA. The list shows eleven trips to that country. In 2023 he made two flights. One through United Air Lines, from July 15 to 18, and another through a luxury private flight. That trip actually began in Asunción, Paraguay on December 27, 2022. The aircraft, registration LV-KAX, then made a stopover in the Dominican Republic and the final destination was Fort Lauderdalecould confirm Infobae with aeronautical sources.

Over the years, Insaurralde also traveled to France, Germany, Panama, Paraguay, Uruguay, Chile, Mexico, Brazil, and even South Africa, among other destinations.

The fate of the former official
The fate of the former official

According to immigration records, Insaurralde would have landed in Madrid on September 16 at dawn. How did he get to Marbella? Justice must request data from the Spanish immigration authorities to find out if he took a connecting flight to Malaga airport (there are several flights during the morning) or if he boarded a private flight.

Prosecutor Mola asked the Airport Security Police (PSA) to check the security cameras at the Ezeiza international airport to find out if Insaurralde was alone when he boarded Iberia flight 6844 on September 15. In addition, he demanded that the assets be inhibited for the two defendants, that tax, banking and stock market secrecy be lifted and that all property records (property, vehicles, boats, among others) be lifted..

Prosecutor Sergio Mola is in charge of one of the cases
Prosecutor Sergio Mola is in charge of one of the cases

This occurred in the case that began last Saturday following a complaint from lawyer Gastón Marano. This file is for money laundering and tax evasion and already has Insaurralde and Clerici charged. Today the case went to federal court 2 of Lomas de Zamora, led by Ernesto Kreplak, because Judge Villena decided to recuse himself due to “moral violence.”

“The public escalation of the present actions, the doubts generated, the false reports and the repeated attacks on my investiture, They place me in a situation of moral violence, which now irreparably conditions my performance as a natural Judge in this file and leads me to make the decision to inhibit myself from continuing to understand it,” said the magistrate.

However, the outlook can still change. Now Kreplak has to decide whether to accept Villena’s cause which began last Saturday following a complaint from lawyer Gastón Marano. If it rejects it, the Federal Chamber of La Plata must define it.

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