Kevin McCarthy or the risks of sleeping with the enemy

In a historic decision, Kevin McCarthy was removed as speaker of the US House of Representatives.  (REUTERS/Jonathan Ernst)
In a historic decision, Kevin McCarthy was removed as speaker of the US House of Representatives. (REUTERS/Jonathan Ernst)

Kevin McCarthy just made history be deposed of the presidency of the United States House of Representatives. It is the first time this has occurred in the nation’s history and is the victim of an agreement between eight members of the Republican Party grouped within the Freedom Colloquium (the Freedom Caucus) and the Democratic caucus that voted with them with the clear intention of creating chaos within the rival political force. A maneuver that will surely have a boomerang effect for the Democrats.

It is worth noting that the members of the Freedom Colloquium are followers of the former president donald trump and that their position is to take the conflict to the extreme of blowing up institutions that they consider void of legitimacy. They enter like this USA in a delicate political crisis similar to the one that preceded the Civil War in which the institutional framework was questioned by civil groups that held different visions of development and who decided to take the conflict to its ultimate consequences.

McCarthy’s defenestration does a disservice to the United States as a country by placing the legislative body in a whirlwind of personal animosity; legislative paralysis and implosion of the rules governing the conduct of members of the body.

From a partisan point of view, the Democrats have just agreed to sleep with the enemy because it will no longer be possible to approve any legislation that does not bear the imprint of a nineteenth-century conservatism with no place in the 21st century. Which will aggravate the economic situation in the front room. some elections. And the chaos that this action has created in the Republican Party will move inexorably to affect the legislative body in total. Turbulence is on the horizon that could bring markets down; call into question the risk rating for US investments and increase poverty as a consequence of economic paralysis induced by political chaos.

For him Republican Party The episode is political suicide. Because the entire institution is emotionally kidnapped by two narcissistic individuals with no ethical concerns such as the representative Matt Gaetz of Florida and former president donald trump. Both are going to feed the violent vision of a social class that feels attacked by life and by the state as the technological wave sweeps away its jobs and with it its social protection. Since the state lacks a policy that opens the doors of reinvention so that they can successfully navigate the digital society, they have taken refuge in gender violence or institutional questioning. These are modern Hoovervillers who need compassion and help not to be used as missiles to destroy political rivals.

In short, those who defenestrated McCarthy are playing the legendary role of goddess Eris whose appearance in the world of mortals meant the materialization of wars and fratricidal fights that put an end to ancient civilizations.

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