Klitschko warned Kyiv residents about a difficult heating season

The mayor of Kyiv, Vitaliy Klitschko, warned residents of the Ukrainian capital on Telegram about the upcoming difficult heating season.

According to him, heat-producing enterprises operate at huge losses, and the city cannot independently cover such financial resources.

“The state has never fulfilled its promises to heat supply companies. The debt, which the government has promised to repay for the second year in a row, currently amounts to 6.8 billion hryvnia to Kiev. And throughout the country – 36 billion hryvnia,” he noted.

The mayor called on the government to compensate debts to the capital and other regions of the country.

As before wrote Public news service, Klitschko expressed concern about the possible disruption of the heating season. And he added that the situation is, in fact, very serious.

Meanwhile, his brother Vladimir explained his reluctance to serve in the Armed Forces of Ukraine with the desire to live for the country, and not die.

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