La Tinka: the numbers that gave fortune to the new winners

The Tinka draw has a minimum cost of one sol (Infobae/Jovani Pérez)
The Tinka draw has a minimum cost of one sol (Infobae/Jovani Pérez)

As every Wednesday it was donethe Tinkaon this occasion the results of the draw number 1026 this October 4th.

Twice a week, every Sundays and Wednesdays, after 8:30 p.m.La Tinka holds a raffle in which there is the possibility of winning millions of soles in cash.

These are the number of days stipulated to claim the La Tinka prizes:

30 days if the prize is greater than 5,000 soles and less than one million soles.
90 days if the prize is greater than a million soles.
180 days if the prize is less than 5,000 soles.

It is important to note that the days are calendar days and are counted from the day following the winning draw.

Results of La Tinka

Draw number: 1026
Date: October 4
Winning result: 9 5 38 22 16 41 and 6.

The steps to play La Tinka are very simple (File)
The steps to play La Tinka are very simple (File)

To play Tinka you must enter this website, where you can choose the combination with a minimum cost of five soles.

The next step in the draw is choose six numbers from a list ranging from 1 to 48which will make up the bet.

You can choose any number without repeating, if you do not know what to choose, there is the “Random” option and the system will choose them randomly.

If there is an error when choosing the play, you can select the clear button and choose the numbers again.

When you have chosen the numbers for the play, you must click on the button with the legend “Finish your purchase” to confirm it and that’s it.

To win the La Tinka jackpot, the Millionaire Jackpot, the bet has to match the six numbers in the draw. However, there are rewards for those who only match two or more drawing numbers.

For those who got three to five correct answers, you can win from five to 50,000 soles; If there are only two, you get a free play or a two-for-one play.

Draw results and videos are posted on the game’s main page.

How to win La Tinka?  (Infobae)
How to win La Tinka? (Infobae)

La Tinka is a Peruvian lottery and sports betting company that manages lotteries Tinka, Gana Diario, Kabbala, Raspaditas, Kinelo, fast Casino games, Raspa Ya!, Virtual sports and sports betting Te Apuesta and Ganagol.

Part of La Tinka’s profits are destined to charitable societies in Huancayo, Jaén, Lima and Arequipa under the supervision of the Ministry of Women and Vulnerable Populations. It also contributes to the municipalities where these charities operate.

La Tinka’s contributions are intended for permanent social protection services aimed at girls, boys, adolescents, women, people with disabilities and older adults who are at risk or vulnerable. Through these programs thousands of people have benefited year after year since 1994.

The largest prize in the history of Tinka has been 20 million soles, obtained by an Arequipa native in 2019, and 9 million soles won by a lucky man from Cuzco, in October 2020.


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