Lawyer Rusyaev: Fraudsters began to fake investment applications

Lawyer Ilya Rusyaev told “360” that scammers have started creating fake mobile applications “for investment”.

He noted that fake trading platforms are disguised as real ones using a logo and corporate colors.

The expert noted that attackers in official app stores gain “access to a huge audience and a reputation for reliability.” “Covering with a well-known brand lulls the victims’ vigilance,” he emphasized.

The speaker warned that malicious changes could be hidden under the guise of updates. He called on “to be critical of too generous promises of profit” and to download applications using links from official sites from search results. Rusyaev also recommended paying attention to negative reviews.

In case of fraud, he advised to save all correspondence and documents related to the situation. “Take screenshots at every step,” the lawyer concluded.

Earlier, a telephone scammer from Ukraine said that he receives 3% of the stolen amount. More about this read in the material of the Public News Service.

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