Lorena Beltrán celebrated the conviction against surgeons who “destroyed her breasts”: this is what she said

“The doctor who destroyed my breasts, Francisco Sales Puccini, was sentenced to 7 years in prison,” said the journalist from social networks – credit @LoreBeltran /

After knowing the second instance decision by which six surgeons were convicted, among them the brothers of Francisco Sales Pucciniwho had been acquitted eight months ago due to a process of falsification of a private document, the journalist Lorena Beltran He celebrated that the acquittal granted to them by the 37th Criminal Court of Bogotá had been reconsidered.

On Wednesday, October 4, the Colombian justice system made a new decision in the case: a reason that pleased the communicator, a victim of a bad aesthetic procedure, after suffering damage to her breasts in one of those surgeries.

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The surgeons, who previously enjoyed great prestige in the guild, were being investigated by procedural fraud and falsification in private documentso they were sentenced to seven years in prison and to pay a fine equivalent to 200 minimum wages.

Francisco Sales Puccini, the doctor who destroyed my breasts more than six years ago, has just been sentenced in the second instance to seven years in prison. An arrest warrant was also issued against his brother Carlos Elías Sales Puccini and four other doctors, Óscar Sandoval, Ronald Ricardo Ramos Daza, Jorge Nempeque and Juan Pablo Robles,” said Beltrán.

The victim stated that This decision should set a precedent compared to doctors who are involved in issuing titles as plastic surgeons without any rigor, since many women have been affected by fake surgeons that offer these types of procedures.

“I think it is a step in the fight that I have been carrying out for years, seeking to improve conditions in the practice of aesthetic surgeries in the country so that we do not have more victims and so that our country has safe surgery now“said the journalist in a video shared on her personal account. x.

Furthermore, he indicated: “I celebrate this decision without a doubt.which is not only an accolade for me, who has sought justice in my case, but I have also sought justice for all the victims of cosmetic surgeries in Colombia.”

However, he specified that the decision is subject to an appeal, “so we hope that the honorable Supreme Court of Justice ratifies this decision of the Supreme Court of Bogotá.”

It should be noted that in the process carried out by the Attorney General’s Office against the surgeons involved The presentation of false documents and certifications of postgraduate studies that would not be legal is noted.

Similarly, The judge in charge of the process assured that there was fraud on the part of the doctors when executing the procedures under deception.

- credit @LoreBeltran/X
– credit @LoreBeltran/X

In July 2014 I underwent surgery to reduce the size of my breasts with Francisco Sales Pucciniwho introduced himself as a plastic surgeon.

“Because the result was not at all satisfactory, in June 2015 he intervened on me again, but this new remedy was worse than the disease: my breasts were asymmetrical, I had very long scars, more than usual, the wounds did not close and liquid matter came out of those wounds,” Beltrán told The viewer.

According to the woman, Sales Puccini told her to wear sanitary pads in her bra so she wouldn’t be alarmed. “Those types of comments made me suspicious. And he was right: jTogether with several journalists we investigated the origin of their titles, validated by the Ministry of National Education, since he had accredited studies abroad. Thus we found and revealed alleged irregularities in his and other doctors’ professional training. “This is how this fight began,” he recalled.

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