Margarita Zavala and her assets that disappeared in a decade

Margarita Zavala (Photo: Jovani Pérez/infobae)
Margarita Zavala (Photo: Jovani Pérez/infobae)

The former first lady and current federal representative, Margarita Zavala, raised his hand to be the Broad Front candidate -made up of the PRI, PAN and PRD- to the Head of Government of Mexico City.

The PAN member will have to compete with profiles that appear better positioned, such as mayors Santiago Taboada, Lia Lemon, Adrian Ruvalcaba and Sandra Cuevas.

The federal legislator knows what it is like to be a candidate. In 2018 she tested the honeys of the campaign and although it was not enough to reach the end of the race, she added 32,743 votes, 0.05% of the total votes.

In Infobae Mexico carried out a review of the asset declarations that Margarita Zavala both to the Internal Comptroller of the Chamber of Deputies and to the Secretariat of Public Function and this is what we found.

The candidate to govern Mexico City registered a couple of land with a cheap price per square meter, as well as jewelry between necklaces, earrings and pendants. The truth is that, since she left Los Pinos, the former first lady has weakened her wealth.

Former president Felipe Calderón and his wife, Margarita Zavala.  (Illustration: Jovani Pérez/Infobae México)
Former president Felipe Calderón and his wife, Margarita Zavala. (Illustration: Jovani Pérez/Infobae México)

In the last asset declaration that she presented last January, Margarita Zavala said she only had two lands with a total acquisition value of just 160 thousand pesosbut that add up to more than 29 thousand square meters.

She bought the first property on June 21, 1998, 10 months after leaving her position in the then Legislative Assembly of the Federal District (ALDF) as a local deputy and in the same year in which she ended her time as secretary of the Order Commission. of the National Council of the PAN.

Margarita Zavala bought the property for 60 thousand pesosa land of 19 thousand 475 square meters. This means that the property cost just over 3 pesos per square meter.

It is worth mentioning that, at that time, the former first lady also taught at the Asunción Institute of Mexico and the Iberoamerican University.

The second piece of land was acquired on July 1, 2007, in the first year of Felipe Calderón’s government and, consequently, her initial role as first lady and as president of the Citizen Advisory Council of the Comprehensive System for the Comprehensive Development of the Family (DIF). ).

The property cost Margarita Zavala 100 thousand pesos, same that includes 9 thousand 805 square meters. This means that the price was just over 10 pesos per square meter.


In addition to the land, Margarita Zavala reported in her asset declaration jewelry which add up to an acquisition value of 19 thousand 100 pesos.

The lot with the highest value is made up of necklaces and earrings that add up to 8 thousand 600 pesosacquired by the PAN on January 9, 2010.

Followed by another batch of necklaces various with a value of 7 thousand 500 pesospurchased by the former first lady on May 8, 2009.

That is, all the jewelry reported in the document was acquired by Margarita Zavala when she was first lady.

Margarita Zavala's jewelry (Capture of her assets declaration)
Margarita Zavala’s jewelry (Capture of her assets declaration)

Currently, Margarita Zavala has two pieces of land and a few jewels that total less than 180 thousand pesos, but ten years ago she left Los Pinos with three properties and jewels with a combined acquisition value of almost 2.7 million pesos.

When making a comparison between the initial asset declaration that Margarita Zavala presented in the Chamber of Deputies, this 2023, and the last one that her husband made as president of Mexico – in which he included the properties of the former first lady -, in 2012, it is shows that the PAN member has suffered losses in her assets.

Not counting the works of art worth 40 thousand pesos that, according to the document, he had joint ownership with Felipe Calderón.

Of the three properties that the former president reported in his wife’s name in 2012, two are the lands already mentioned. a land of 541 square meters with a value of 2.5 million pesos which he bought on April 10, 2003.

In that year, Margarita Zavala took office as a federal representative for the first time and her husband left the management of Banobras to become the Secretary of Energy during the six-year term of Vicente Fox.

Regarding jewelry, then-President Calderón explained that his wife had the necklaces, earrings and pendants already mentioned, plus a watch worth 12,700 pesos which she bought on July 24, 2009, when she was first lady.

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