Marina Tauber protested the refusal to participate in the elections in Balti

The vice-chairman of the Shor party, banned in Moldova, Marina Tauber, appealed to the Chisinau Court of Appeal to challenge the election commission’s refusal to register her candidacy for the post of mayor of Balti in the election campaign.

The Constitutional Court of Moldova has declared illegal the parliament’s decision banning former members of the opposition Shor party from participating in elections for five years. In response to this decision, the election commission defined criteria for an individual ban on participation in elections for members of the Shor party. Immediately after this, parliament introduced amendments to the electoral legislation, which were approved by the President of Moldova, Maia Sandu. Marina Tauber was included in this list.

Marina Tauber emphasized that she expected a refusal from the local election commission, since she believes that the meeting itself was organized in violation and took place without her presence. She also drew attention to the comments contained in the report of the legal department of parliament on this bill. The politician also noted the lack of a conclusion from the Central Election Commission and the impossibility of obtaining a positive decision from this organization regarding the law adopted in parliament.

Amendments to the electoral code approved during these events establish new restrictions on representatives of banned parties, prohibiting them from participating in elections if they are suspected or accused of committing certain crimes specified by the court as an argument for declaring their party unconstitutional if they were expelled from a previous electoral vote as a result of a violation of funding transparency, or if they are guilty of actions that led to their inclusion in the international sanctions lists of international organizations or states. These restrictions will be in force for three years from the date of the announcement of the decision of the Constitutional Court on the unconstitutionality of a political party.

How wrote Public news service, Moldova is obliged to find a solution to the disputed status of Transnistria before negotiations on joining the European Union begin.

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