Meet Federico Gutiérrez, the candidate who wants to repeat in the Mayor’s Office in Medellín

This is Federico Gutiérrez, candidate for Mayor of Medellín for the second time - credit courtesy
This is Federico Gutiérrez, candidate for Mayor of Medellín for the second time – credit courtesy

Fico, As is popularly known, he put aside his race for the presidency of Colombia temporarily, to return to the city where he was born, grew up, became a professional and became a politician and, if he manages to convince the voters, be mayor of Medellín for second occasion.

At 49 years of age, This civil engineer, security consultant and Colombian politician wants to return to the Mayor’s Office of his hometown, Medellín, as the top leader. He aspires to restore security, order and hope to the capital of Antioquia, giving continuity to the projects that he left in motion when he was mayor of the capital of Antioquia for the first time in the period 2016-2020.

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In 2006 he married Margarita Gómez Marín, mother of his two sons Pedro and Emilio, who has been his family support since then.

At 28 years old, Federico Gutiérrez arrived at the Medellín Council as part of the New Party. There he became the young promise of politics, after having participated since 1999 in the Municipal Youth Council. Later she served and repeated as a councilor for the U Party, until in 2015 she won the Mayor’s Office with her We Believe movement.

In 2008, it was awarded the Young Junior Executive Award in Antioquia in the category of political, legal and governmental affairs, recognition granted by the Junior Chamber of Colombia. In 2009, he won the Outstanding Young Person of the Year award in Colombia. in the category of political, legal and governmental affairs.

In all these years he has been seen defending the flags, ideas and campaigns of Sergio Fajardo, Alonso Salazar and even Álvaro Uribe Vélez. But those who have followed his career say he has a unique touch for governing and relating to citizens. Since he was a mayor who surprised people by getting on the subway on any given day, with the intention of knowing their needs first-hand. In addition to the fact that he is very “healthy”, to the point that this charm and charisma of his cost him to be the protagonist of countless jokes and memes on social networks.

Gutiérrez in his previous administration had to face the Hidroituango crisis. He is a champion of security and during his time he managed to capture 117 leaders of criminal organizations and 2,700 alleged members of La Oficina and La Terraza.

He received the recognition for the most brilliant mayor of 2019, an award that is presented annually by the Play and Childhood Corporation and the Presidency of the Republic, and that that year exalted his work in leading 340 activities in celebration of the Month of Children and Recreation in Medellín.

For the next period, its candidate Santiago Gómez, who raised the “fiquista” flags, failed to be elected. And then the Mayor’s Office was won by Daniel Quintero Calle, to whom Fico declared his opposition and to whom he hopes to take the city from his hands.

In 2022, Federico Gutiérrez joins the line of politicians who would aspire to the presidential campaign. He traveled around the country being the youngest candidate with the least media exposure at that time. He sought support from both voters and political parties. He collected signatures and obtained the endorsement of the Team for Colombia party, where Enrique Peñalosa, Alejandro Char, Dilian Francisca Toro, Juan Carlos Echeverry, David Barguil and Aydeé Lizarazo competed for the candidacy.

Popularity and empathy with the people did not reach him in this contest, although he emerged as a good contender to face Gustavo Petro, and being the favorite of Uribismo, the figure of Rodolfo Hernández gained more followers in Santanderes and the Caribbean Coast. Gutiérrez’s dream had to wait one more period.

Federico made the decision to return to regional politics as part of an idea that he wants to lead in which he hopes that the right will recover the country from the local level, to gain ground and oppose the left of the national government. Additionally, he is tired of what he says has been poor management by Daniel Quintero, who also belongs to the left.

Although a large sector of the opposition to Quintero has been hailing him, being mayor is, in some way, denying oneself the possibility of being a candidate for the Presidency of the Republic in the 2026 elections. Even so, Fico assures that this is a way to fight for the security of Colombians, from the regions. He does not rule out being a presidential candidate again, but, for now Their fight is in the opposition.

His candidacy again for the We Believe Movement has ‘quinterismo’ as its main rival, against those who lost in the previous campaign, this time, endorsed by Juan Carlos Upegui, for Independientes. In addition to Albert Corredor, who is going for signatures, and Lucas Cañas, for the Conservative party. and in a third line that is not identified with Federico Gutiérrez or Daniel Quintero, are Daniel Duque, from the Green Party; Rodolfo Correa and Gilberto Tobón who go for signatures.

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