Miguel Lago’s controversial monologue about Irene Montero: “Carrefour called her”

Miguel Lago, in 'El Hormiguero'.  (Atresmedia)
Miguel Lago, in ‘El Hormiguero’. (Atresmedia)

Miguel Lago He is once again at the center of controversy for one of his monologues. After the mockery of the socialist deputy Óscar Puente due to the attack received in the Ave, she has now been the acting Minister of Equality, Irene Monterowho has become the target of the comedian, who has dedicated a controversial classist speech to him for which he has received a barrage of criticism.

The monologue dedicated to Montero went viral after the comedian himself decided to share a fragment on his social networks, perhaps aware that his name would once again generate hundreds of comments. In the video, Lago mentions the minister and, immediately afterwards, crosses himself while she looks at the sky and says “God rest his soul”.

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Furthermore, the one who was a collaborator of And now, Sonsoles He assures that the politician “has already received offers to return to her old career.” And he adds: “Carrefour, the DÍA, the WB have called it, He called it Save More…”, an ironic intervention in which Irene Montero’s experience as a shop assistant is mocked. “Save More, she has made him an amazing offer: they let him alternate the cash register with the butcher shop. “Be careful, eh!” the comedian adds sarcastically.

This intervention in one of his shows has been described as “classist” by many Internet users. “Working as a cashier is much more decent than being a clown who sells for 4 shows,” “laughing at someone for having been a cashier.” makes you see your moral turpitude” or “it does not reach the sole of the shoe of the supermarket workers in Spain” are some of the criticisms that can be read about this monologue by Miguel Lago, who is accused of laughing “at all the supermarket workers.” .

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Just a few days ago, Miguel Lago was in the news for his comments about the attack received by the former mayor of Valladolid and PSOE deputy Oscar Puentewho was rebuked by a neo-Nazi on the train with which he would travel to Madrid to vote in the second session of the attempted investiture of Alberto Núñez Feijóo.

Óscar Puente, in the gallery of the Congress of Deputies.  (Eduardo Parra - Europa Press)
Óscar Puente, in the gallery of the Congress of Deputies. (Eduardo Parra – Europa Press)

“Is this the Spain we want? Because it makes me ashamed. They said the train left 45 minutes late. As if it doesn’t come out! We are talking about a hyperviolent attack to a deputy of the Cortes Generales,” the comedian ironically said.

After the images went viral, Puente himself publicly responded to Lago by rescuing a video in which he was harassed by an anti-vaccine woman in the middle of the street. In the scene, the comedian reacted nervously and confronted the stalker. “Surely Miguel Lago can put himself in position and imagine that the same thing had happened to him in a train car, and that he had to have traveled with that person in that car for an hour. And if you add to that that instead of a woman we are talking about a violent guy…,” the politician wrote on his Twitter account.

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