Natanael Cano danced cumbias in underwear

The singer surprised by publishing a video dancing.  Image: @NatanaelCan0.
The singer surprised by publishing a video dancing. Image: @NatanaelCan0.

Natanael Cano He is not only considered one of the pioneers and exponents of the lying downone of the Mexican regional subgenres that achieved the most popularity internationally, but he is also described as one of the most popular young singers in our country.

One of the traits that, according to his fans, launched him into the spotlight fame and the acceptance of the Mexican public and other countries, is the fact that he seems to be a humble and pleasant person, an adjective that has been assigned to him after publishing different videos on social networks.

This was the case of the last audiovisual material that he placed in his temporary stories on his personal Instagram account where the interpreter of Lying Love decided to take an object to clean like Dance partner while wearing a white t-shirt and what appeared to be a piece of clothing underwear.

The singer took a vacuum cleaner as a dance partner

The musical genre that he decided to show his moment of inspiration with the steps he showed before the cameras was the cumbia, one of the most popular rhythms to dance to; However, in the short video you cannot hear the lyrics of the song. song so it would be difficult to guess what clue it was.

Reactions to the dance Natanael Cano They didn’t wait long and their fans immediately identified with the fact that they were also getting involved. dance with the broomthe mop and even the dustpan at the exact moment when one of his favorite songs was playing.

This is how social media users expressed themselves: “Immediately when I start cleaning my room”, “We are all Natanael Cano when a good cumbia plays”, “Me when they leave me alone in my house”, “”Me like this taking out the prohibited and then danced to them at parties”, “When I clean and my most schizo moment comes”, “Well, it could have been but dancing with a woman, that breaks all of our hearts”.

Natanael Cano is one of the most popular singers in our country.  (AP)
Natanael Cano is one of the most popular singers in our country. (AP)

Unfortunately not everything is positive in the life of Natanael Cano Well, it was said that, just as Featherweight (although less directly), he received threats from organized crime to avoid singing certain songs at some of his concerts.

The moment that triggered the ideas that the singer of My beautiful angel had been warned by criminal groups was when in a presentation he went on stage to perform Bluish Hornbut he immediately asked them to change the song because otherwise “they were going to kill him.”

The event was very reminiscent of what Chalino Sánchez experienced at a concert where he received a note and, with his face marked by fear, he decided to continue with the show suspecting that his life was in danger. Finally it was and shortly after he was kidnapped by a armed commando and his body was found in a canal located in Culiacan, Sinaloa. The body had wounds caused by firearms.

Chalino Sánchez was threatened by organized crime during a concert.  ViX.
Chalino Sánchez was threatened by organized crime during a concert. ViX.

The first analyzes that were made of the song Natanael Canowhich was going to be included in their latest album material but in the end it was not, they assured that the central theme is a relationship of dependency between organized crime and “some” government without specifying which one.

Likewise, the lyrics mention the acronym JGL, which was considered a clear reference to the drug trafficker. Joaquín Guzmán Loeranicknamed El Chapo, and who was the leader of the criminal group called The Sinaloa Cartel, one of the most important criminal groups in our country and that most marked the history of drug trafficking in Mexico.

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