‘Nino’ ​​falls in SJL: Leader of the Alayón Dynasty was captured by the PNP along with Wanda’s successor

Leader of the ‘Alayón’ dynasty, faction of the ‘Tren de Aragua’, falls (Latina Noticias)

This morning, the National Police of Peru dealt a hard blow to hitmen and human trafficking after capturing the leader of the gang Alayón Dynastya faction of the Tren de Aragua, Venezuelan organizations that have spread terror in our country.

Agents of the National Police and representatives of the Public Ministry managed to capture Yomar José Delgado Palacios (29), alias ‘Nino’, alleged leader of this criminal organization.

“The intervention of the leader of the organization in Peru has been achieved ‘Aragua Train’. The ‘Aragua Train’ has what is known as lines here. This is a line or dynasty, called ‘Ayalon’, which is led by ‘Child‘. At the time of the intervention, he went up to the fourth floor of the building and tried to escape,” said Jorge Chávez Cotrina.

PNP captures leader of the Alayón Dynasty
PNP captures leader of the Alayón Dynasty

Yesmith Adriana Cabargas Castañocouple of ‘Child‘, who is being investigated for the same crimes, was also captured this morning, after police officers began an operation to dismantle foreign gangs dedicated to prostitution.

According to Latina Noticias, this subject and the alleged successor of Wanda They dedicated themselves to capturing women and then exploiting them sexually. As is known, Risso in Lince is the “operations center” where prostitution continues to increase without control by the authorities.

The operations were carried out not only in Lima, but also within the Lurigancho, Ancón I and Challapalca penitentiary establishments, as reported by the Public Ministry in an official statement.

During the course of the operation, a total of 30 individuals, which include both Peruvian citizens and foreigners. These people will be the subject of investigation and complaints for their alleged involvement in crimes ranging from human trafficking and sexual exploitation to extortion and kidnapping.

According to investigations, members of the ‘Alayón Dynasty‘They used deceptive tactics to attract women from Colombia and Venezuela, with the purpose of sexually exploiting them.

The National Police of Peru mentioned that the ‘Alayon Dynasty‘has been operating in our country since October 2022 and, according to the Public Ministry, its action networks would extend until Colombia and Chile.

There have been several attacks that have been carried out lately in this area with the aim of continuing to gain ground for the collection of the famous “quotas”, money that prostitutes are obliged to pay if they do not want these gangs to murder them.

Lynx It is ours,” is heard in an audio sent by José Ángel Ortega, alias Armando, leader of the Children of God. This gang, according to the thesis of the National Police of Peru, would have allied with the Alayón Dynasty under the leadership of Héctor Prieto Materiano, alias Mamut. The latter is serving his sentence in a Peruvian prison, but from there he continues to direct his criminal group.

So far this year, 12,730 cases of extortion have been documented nationwide, and according to data from the National Police of Peru (PNP)last year they registered 8,486 caseswhich represents an increase of 50% compared to 2022.

According to the newspaper El Comercio, an average of two cases of extortion are recorded every hour nationwide. The departments of Lima, La Libertad and Piura They lead in the number of complaints, with 71% of these crimes. The capital city, Lima, has so far reported 5,922 cases of extortion.

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