October 6, 2023 – Iraida Spornaya: Traditions and signs

On October 6, Orthodox churches honor the memory of the Virgin Raisa (Iraida) of Alexandria. Popularly known as Iraida the Controversial. Old style date: September 23. Public news service I learned what traditions and signs fall on October 6, 2023, the day of Iraida the Controversial.

Date history

Not much is known about the holy martyr. According to legend, she lived at the beginning of the 4th century under Emperor Maximilian. Raisa (Iraida) of Alexandria died as a result of execution.


In Rus’, on October 6 (September 23, old style), there was an interesting custom, according to which people who had financial problems could tell fortunes about their fate. To do this, our ancestors found the confluence of two rivers. You had to go up to him and fill two jugs with the same amount of water. After this, they brought the jugs to their home and watched from which jug the water would evaporate faster. If the water drawn from a more full-flowing river begins to decrease earlier, it means that financial troubles will continue.

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Despite the fact that on this day they were fortune-telling about their financial status, it was useless to carry out rituals about fate – nothing could be changed anyway. The elders said: “Don’t renounce money or prison.” Today it was specially forbidden to remember your grievances and count them. Our ancestors believed that the more you count, the more you call.

Also on the day of Iraida Spornaya they tried to attract good luck. To ensure that there was always money, a coin with a flaw was traditionally placed in the wallet. Under no circumstances should she have been found somewhere on the road. The required coin was supposed to be received from someone in payment, for example, for labor or for goods sold.

In Rus’ they monitored the weather. It was believed that the real cold autumn begins on this day.

On the day of Iraida Spornaya, housewives prepared a special dish for the table – liqueurs. To do this, it was necessary to crush boiled potatoes along with eggs and milk. This mixture was poured onto a rye flatbread, and then its edges were rolled up and baked in the oven.


  • A red sunset will be a harbinger of rain and wind.
  • A large harvest of nuts means a cold winter.
  • If geese fly south at high altitudes, winter may begin early.
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  • Morning frost for warm and sunny weather.
  • If you see a circle around the Moon at night, expect rapid precipitation.

Name day

Name days on October 6th are celebrated by: Andrei, Ivan, Innocent, Iraida, Nikolai, Peter, Raisa.

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