October 6, 2023 – Iraida Spornaya: What can and cannot be done

On October 6, Orthodox churches honor the memory of the Virgin Raisa (Iraida) of Alexandria. Popularly known as Iraida the Controversial. Old style date: September 23. Public news service I learned what can and cannot be done on October 6, 2023, on the day of Iraida Sporna.

In Rus’, on October 6 (September 23, old style), there was an interesting custom, according to which people who had financial problems could tell fortunes about their fate. To do this, our ancestors found the confluence of two rivers. You had to go up to him and fill two jugs with the same amount of water. After this, they brought the jugs to their home and watched from which jug the water would evaporate faster. If the water drawn from a more full-flowing river begins to decrease earlier, it means that financial troubles will continue.

Among other things, the date was associated with other beliefs and prohibitions that our ancestors tried to observe.

What not to do on the day of Iraida Spornoy

  • Today, under no circumstances should you count your troubles and sorrows. This will only attract more problems.
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  • On October 6, you should not praise other people, otherwise you can jinx them.
  • Our ancestors did not make plans for the future on the day of Iraida the Controversial. It is believed that today intuition and the inner voice are very deceptive.
  • On this day it is not recommended to make spontaneous, impulsive purchases. Such a waste of money threatens with irreparable holes in the budget.
  • On October 6, there is no need to quarrel, scold, argue loudly and be despondent, as well as negative thoughts. If you disobey the ban, disagreements can develop into a big scandal that will be difficult to resolve.

What can you do on the day of Iraida Spornaya?

  • In Rus’, in order to increase money, they put a special coin with a flaw in their wallet. It is important that it comes from another person.
  • Today is a favorable day for resolving conflict situations.
  • On this date, you should avoid people who are experiencing financial difficulties.
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  • On the day of Iraida Sporna, our ancestors insulated their huts: they plugged the cracks in the windows, prepared firewood and lit the stove.
  • In Rus’ today they checked the stoves: they called the stove makers to fix the faults and shortcomings.

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