Patricia Bullrich promised in IDEA a reform of the BCRA’s charter: “There will be a ban on stocks and issuance”

The IDEA Colloquium today received Patricia Bullrichthe presidential candidate for JxC, who for almost an hour gave a detailed review of the Government plan that he will implement if he reaches the Casa Rosada.

At the beginning of her presentation, the opposition leader focused on the economy and made a resounding promise: “We are going to present the new organic charter of the BCRA what will it have prohibition of stocks and prohibition of issuance”.

For Bullrich, it is essential to recover “fiscal solidity” and remove a series of taxes that hinder productivity: “We have to remove all the obstacles, Argentina has additional costs that do not allow it to be competitive”.

In this framework, he assured that a series of bold measures are proposed such as the elimination of “personal assets, withholdings”. In addition, he has a substantial modification in mind: “Replace gross income for final sales tax which is much more reasonable.”

Patricia Bullrich speaks to businessmen in Mar del Plata
Patricia Bullrich speaks to businessmen in Mar del Plata

Another important moment in his presentation occurred when he spoke about the Co-participation: “It is a poorly thought out system that has kept us in this perverse regime,” he summarized and gave concrete examples of what he called “provinces that are cash registers” because they receive money that they use to pay the salaries of a huge number of state employees.

“There is no reason to say that Formosa is poor and Mendoza is rich. For resources, Mendoza should be poorer than Formosawhich has everything, but She is poor because the political system she has impoverishes her.“, he pointed out to make clear the differences between a region governed by Kirchnerism (via Gildo Insfran) and another for Together for Change.

Along the same lines, Bullrich promised that his government will change the distribution logic: “We are going to a incentive system; With the resources that the Nation has, what we are going to do is reward the most competitive provincesto which taxes lower and allow their economies to be productive so that they produce more and more. There will be no prizes or advantages for the least productive, so that they understand that this system is not going to last forever.”

At another point in her presentation, the Together for Change candidate assured that she plans to “remove more than 160 taxes that Argentina has”; For this, it is proposed to go to a simplified scheme, “that includes the most traditional taxes such as VAT and Income Tax.”. And he said that his team works on the implementation of special regimes and accessible to those who work on their own (monotributistas) “They have many difficulties when they have to change categories.”


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