Plague of bedbugs in the world: what is it due to, it could reach Peru

During a conversation with the authorities due to the insect infestation at UNAM, a user captured the moment of how a bedbug walked on a student’s hair. Credit: X – @Evangaylionn

For thousands of years, the Bedbugs They have shared space with people in their homes. In 2015, the Universidad Peruana Cayetano Heredia in Arequipa, Peru, warned about the increase in these insects; However, so far it seems that the situation has been under control, but for how long?

In recent weeks, the covers of several foreign media outlets talk about the plague of these blood-sucking insects that feed on human blood to live and reproduce. France and Spain They have already classified it as a plague, while other countries are on alert.

As reported Daily Mailsocial media users have announced that in France, bedbugs are present in the Paris subways, in its buses, high-speed trains and even in the Charles de Gaulle airport, the largest in the country.

Approximately 10% of households in France have had problems with Bedbugs in recent years. Situation that leads to a costly control operation pests which must be repeated frequently, according to health authorities.

Homes in Spain also experience discomfort due to the presence of these insects. Residents of Barakaldo, a town near Bilbao, have reported infestations that, according to experts, the incidence may be reaching levels not seen since pre-World War II Europe.

In Mexico, students from various faculties of the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM), such as Law and Veterinary Medicine, have reported the presence of bedbugs in the classrooms. They have also been seen present on some trains in the city itself. For the moment, virtual classes and fumigations have been ordered so that the problem does not spread.

A user reported the presence of bedbugs on Line 1 of the Cablebus, a situation that was evidenced in a video. (Credit: Facebook/Cuautepec)

Reports of the increase in bed bugs are also in USA, where a ranking of the cities with the greatest presence of bed bugs has been prepared. In first place is Chicago, followed by New York and Philadelphia on the podium. Los Angeles saw the biggest increase this year, moving up seven spots in the Top Five, with Cleveland in fourth place.

One case that made headlines involved the death of an inmate at a Fulton County jail in Atlanta. The incredible thing is that Lashawn Thompson He was eaten alive by bedbugs and lice in September 2022. It was an official who found the individual unconscious in his cell, which was in a state of extreme unhealthiness.

“When his body was found, one of the detention officers refused to administer CPR because, in his words, ‘he got scared.’ The jail cell Thompson was in was not even suitable for a sick animal. “He didn’t deserve this,” said Michael Harper, the deceased’s lawyer.

The concern about this increasing number of bed bugs In several countries, their authorities are raising alarm, urging preventive measures and effective solutions to control this situation so that it does not escalate and end up becoming an uncontrolled and harmful proliferation in all countries.

There is no agreed answer by scientists, but it has been considered that the appearance in large numbers of bed bugs could be related to the prohibition of DDT (dichloro, diphenyl, trichloroethane), a chlorinated substance that was used a long time ago to exterminate these insects and other species such as lice, malaria mosquitoes, among others.

DDT was banned in the late 1960s in countries because it destroys the ecosystem and has a long life. It can last 40 years in the wild while killing it. “Now, that time has passed, the pests that were controlled are returning: lice, some mosquitoes or scabies, for example,” indicated Óscar Soriano, senior scientist at the CSIC, for The Spanish.

Experts also explain that the increase in tourism worldwide, along with high temperatures attributed to climate change, are other probable reasons behind this phenomenon. Added to the above is that these insects have developed resistance to a large number of chemicals used for their extermination.

It is worth mentioning that these insects are easy to move due to their size and flat figure, characteristics that make them difficult to detect. Likewise, if they find a place to settle (edges of beds, folds of curtains, between pillows, etc.), they nest and reproduce alarmingly quickly.

Experts from the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) have also considered the lack of knowledge about preventing infestations, the increase in bed bug resistance to pesticides, and the ineffectiveness of pest control practices.

Specialists from the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) have also pointed out the poor understanding of how to prevent infestations.

In Peru, there has not yet been an increase in these beings, which is why they cannot be considered a plague. Although bed bugs may exist in some homes, the situation is not alarming, since with fumigation, they disappear or are controlled.

However, if we consider the increase in foreign tourism that the country has reported—up to 60.2%—this year, we could say that the situation could not be foreign to Peru, especially if there is a greater income of people from Spain. , Mexico, France and the United States.

Travelers were attentive to the shows that were organized at the Jorge Chávez.  Photo: Paula Elizalde / Infobae.
Travelers were attentive to the shows that were organized at the Jorge Chávez. Photo: Paula Elizalde / Infobae.

It must also be taken into account that these insects have a remarkable capacity for adaptation and survival, which makes them involuntary companions when transporting goods and belongings from one country to another, also considering that there is no special control at our main airport. about these beings.

It is a tiny insect that is not widely recognized by the population and feeds mainly on human blood or animals with hot temperatures such as dogs and cats.


When it has just emerged from the egg, it has a semi-transparent appearance, light brown in color, and is approximately the size of a grain of sugar. In its adult stage, it appears flat in shape, with an oval-shaped, rust-red body and is similar in size to an apple seed.

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