Rafael Quintero Mora, the candidate for Mayor of Bogotá who seeks to return traditions to the city

Proposals by Rafael Quintero Mota on his way to the Mayor of Bogotá - credit Rafael Quintero Mora/Instagram
Proposals by Rafael Quintero Mota on his way to the Mayor of Bogotá – credit Rafael Quintero Mora/Instagram

One of the nine candidates for Mayor of Bogotá is Rafael Quintero Mora who He has had an extensive political life occupying, among other positions, in local mayors such as San Cristóbal, Rafael Uribe Uribe and Puente Aranda, he was also a councilor during the first administration of the then mayor of Bogotá, Antanas Mockus.

This industrial engineer wants to reengineer the capital and for that he says that he will work hand in hand with the less favored classes and on their behalf to generate employment.

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For him, there must be reconciliation in Bogotá. That is will seek to work with all candidates that they are not elected to reach a consensus and take the main ideas of each one and thus be able to govern for all the people of Bogota.

We all have the right to live in Bogotá with rights and obligations“, highlighted the candidate for the Broad Democratic Alliance movement

For this reason, one of its proposals is to generate employment so that insecurity in the city ends. For Quintero “having a 24-hour economy will allow Bogotá’s insecurity rates are reducedbecause if there is well-paid employment, people do not have to go out and commit crimes.”

Regarding this issue, he also proposes removing all police officers who are doing traffic work so that they can take charge of their true vocation and “is to guarantee the safety of the people of Bogotá”, highlighted Quintero.

And the people who are left controlling the city’s traffic are the agents in blue who currently support the work of the Police.

“Citizen security is an essential pillar for the development and well-being of a society. In this context, the proposal to implement a «Comprehensive Security for Bogotá» emerges as a brave and necessary response to address the challenges facing the city in terms of crime, violence and perception of insecurity. “This initiative seeks to create a safe environment in which citizens can live, work and prosper without fear, thus promoting an environment conducive to social and economic development,” he says in his government plan.

It also proposes having a $0 fare for TransMileniobut to achieve this it does not plan to do so immediately but rather through gradual reductions in the price of the ticket, until it becomes a free and public service.

To achieve this, the articulated and bi-articulated buses would also be acquired by the district so that its administration would be directly responsible for managing the system in order to reduce costs and reach the long-awaited $0 fare, which would also relieve the pockets of many people. of scarce resources.

Another point of his campaign is the total change of the model of beak and plate. In this case, he proposes that this sea by the last digit of the person’s ID. “This is a matter of common sense, there the agents in charge of traffic will randomly stop cars and if the person is violating the rule they will be fined,” said Quintero.

On the environmental issue, it proposes creating a recycling plant for dismantle the Doña Juana landfill, this measure would be done in order to select all waste and recycle it. To achieve this, a garbage incineration plant would be implemented that is not recyclable, but is also not biodegradable.

Another of the axes of Rafael Quintero’s campaign is justice and equity. “In this context, the proposal of «Promotion of Justice and Equity» stands as a call to action to address the inequalities and social gaps that still persist in our community. This initiative seeks to build an environment in which each individual has equal opportunities and access to impartial justice, thus creating a future in which the dignity and rights of all are respected and protected,” highlights the government program.

Among other ideas he has is the creation of the “University of Life”, so that those people who are empirical can demonstrate their knowledge and depending on the number of years of experience they have, they will be granted a technical, technologist or professional title, in order to include them in the working life of the city.

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