Representatives of the Historical Pact filed a bill to regulate social protest

The bill from the representatives of the Historical Pact seeks guarantees for protesters during social protests.  - credit Europa Press/Contact/Antonio Cascio
The bill from the representatives of the Historical Pact seeks guarantees for protesters during social protests. – credit Europa Press/Contact/Antonio Cascio

Representatives to the House of Representatives, members of the Government bench, filed a bill that aims to seek guarantees for protesters during the development of social protests.

The bill proposes creating parameters for the use of force, in addition to making institutional modifications to the guarantee tables and the Unified Command Points. The document, according to its authors, was written with the support of social organizations.

Through the initiative that the Representatives are going to promote to the Chamber for the Historical Pact, Alirio Uribe, Pedro Suárez Vacca and Eduard Sarmiento They want to ensure guarantees so that the country’s social protest can develop, which has been one of the flags of this coalition for some years.

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This draft statutory law contains 44 articles, which were drafted in support of social organizations interested in this. It was filed in Commission I of the House of Representatives, from this point on it will have to pass four debates before it can become a law of the Republic.

One of its authors, Alirio Uribe, explained that The bill compiles previous projects that sought the same thing, in addition to international standards that talk about the issue and commented that it has several chapters and principles with which it seeks to regulate protests in Colombia.

“We have designed a project that includes part of the previous ones and basically what It seeks to regulate social protest, it has several chapters, principles, international standards, it regulates how protest occurs.also when there are protests that are not valid, for example those that promote violence or that promote discrimination or causes that are not valid,” said the representative.

Eduard Sarmiento, for his part, said that This type of initiative is the first time in the political history of the country that a project of this type has the possibility of passing the legislative process.. “We are faced with an accumulation of efforts, knowledge, experiences and wills that make this project born with a lot of support and strength,” he said.

Another of the representatives who is part of the same group as the authors, María Fernanda Carrascal, He assured that with this project his community intends to “take an important step to guarantee the rights of citizens who wish to participate in the protest without fear of reprisals, and with full mechanisms.”

It should be mentioned that this article It has the signature of the Ministry of the Interior, and with the endorsement of different social organizations who have come out to demonstrate on several occasions in the country. Now, the latter belong to the list of authors of this initiative that seeks a line of rights for Protestants.

The representative Alirio Uribe, regarding the regulation of protests, commented that the authorities must be notified so that they can take the necessary measures to guarantee the right to protest.

“The purpose of informing in advance is so that measures can be taken, if a road has to be cleared, traffic diverted, whatever so that the rights of both those who protest and those who do not protest are guaranteed. So that there is harmonization between those rights,” he said.

On the other hand, members of the opposition had certain reservations regarding this project, particularly because it would put limits on police intervention. In that sense, Hernán Cadavid, representative of the Democratic Center, assured that: “they prohibit the presence of Military Police in any case, which will completely annul the presence of the Army.”. Furthermore, he described the initiative as “dangerous.”

Finally, Alirio Uribe said regarding the bill: “There has been a bit of noise as to whether the Government agrees or disagrees, about whether it should be presented in other scenarios, but those positions were overcome. What is clear is that if it is approved between now and July 20 we are gaining ground, we are going to complete 14 months of Government, we have 34 left.

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