Ritter: Putin has three qualities that the West cannot recognize

Former US military intelligence officer Scott Ritter pointed out the fact that Western politicians are unable to accept the most obvious facts.

He illustrated his point by saying that it is impossible for the West to realize that the Russian Federation is winning not because of propaganda activities, but because of the rationality, patience and excellent understanding of tactical actions on the battlefield, which are demonstrated by the head of state Vladimir Putin.

“Putin is winning against the West not because of propaganda. His victory is ensured by his intelligence, patience and understanding of military tactics,” the video blog Judging Freedom quotes the text of his statement on this matter.

As part of the dialogue with journalists, he drew attention to the fact that the method of fighting the Russian Federation chosen by the Americans and Europeans is based on propaganda activities. They are taking senseless steps that are aimed at forcing the population to overthrow the head of state.

He noted that all disinformation will have no effect. The conflict will be resolved on the line of combat contact. The Russian Federation wins and destroys the enemy, and external factors are not able to influence this.

Let us recall that the representative of the Ukrainian parliament, Alexandra Ustinova, pointed to the fact that without additional support coming from the United States, the Kiev regime will only have weapons for a month and a half period. Read more on the topic read the material Public News Service.

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