Senator Miguel Uribe asked the IACHR and the UN to speak out against President Petro’s attacks on the press

Senator Miguel Uribe Asks International Organizations to Intervene Against President Petro’s Attacks Against the Press – credit @MiguelUribeT/X

Congressman Miguel Uribe Turbay, from the Democratic Center party, was forceful in rejecting President Gustavo Petro’s permanent attacks against the Colombian press.

The senator made the announcement of sending two letters addressed to the United Nations Organization (UN) and the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights (IACHR), with the objective that they speak out on the situation experienced by the media in the country and that attacks freedom of the press.

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The senator confirmed the sending of the letters during the plenary session on Tuesday, October 3, where he spoke about the attacks that the critical press has received from the current government.

The constant attacks against journalists and media of those that have been subjected to by the President of the Republic Gustavo Petro (…) This attack on the press ends up being the obvious expression of a language of hate and resentmentof baseless attacks by Gustavo Petro and his government, which are today encouraging unrest against the media that do not blindly applaud his management,” Senator Uribe stated during his speech.

The senator from the Democratic Center also took advantage of his intervention to call on protect freedom of the press and freedom of expression Throughout the national territory.

“The universal declaration of human rights, the American convention on human rights, the political constitution, rThey recognize that freedom of the press is a fundamental right, which in my opinion is at risk today. Gustavo Petro normally uses disqualifiers, he seeks to discredit journalists every time they unmask this government,” said Senator Miguel Uribe.

Likewise, he added: “In a violent country like Colombia, a statement like the one Gustavo Petro makes to journalists It could end in the death of one of them.”.

Likewise, he expressed his rejection of President Gustavo Petro’s attacks and accusations against several media outlets that have repeatedly received disqualifying comments from the head of state.

“Gustavo Petro normally uses qualifiers, seeks to discredit informationevery time he unmasks the management or scandals of this Government. We have seen how he attacks journalists like Luis Carlos Vélez, Gustavo Gómez, Vicky Dávila. He does it permanently with media such as Semana, El Colombiano, El País, Red+ Noticias, among others,” said Uribe Turbay.

For the opposition senator, these epithets used by the president can become a real threat to the media.

“Five days ago we saw the attack by a group of indigenous people on Semana, a media outlet. And I hardly remember a similar act in Colombia in the last 40 years, without being of the same dimensions or proportions, only comparable to this attack with the El Espectador bomb,” said the senator of the Republic.

“The attack on Semana, which fortunately did not lead to more injuries or fatalities, ends up being the obvious expression of a language of hate, resentmentunfounded accusations, from President Gustavo Petro and his Government that are today encouraging unrest against the media that do not blindly applaud his management,” said the congressman.

In accordance with this, Senator Miguel Uribe took the opportunity to remind the head of state that “without freedom of the press and without freedom of expression and without protection of journalists, there is no democracy,” given that “The concentration of power, totalitarian governments, feed precisely on censorship, on the absence of criticism, on limiting the thinking of citizens. “This Government wants to take us to that.”

Given this, the congressman recalled the continuous warnings made by the Foundation for Freedom of the Press (FLIP), which “has said that this president, on average, every two and a half days, attacks journalists or the media”.

“My solidarity with these journalists because journalism has to become brave, without fear of power. Under no circumstances can it be limited because in a violent country like Colombia, an accusation like the one Gustavo Petro makes to journalists can end in the death of one of them,” Uribe concluded.

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